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Trowulan, seat of the great Majapahit Kingdom

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Grand Trawas Hotel 3 star(s)

Grand Trawas Hotel nestled in the greenery and cool clean mountain air of resort area of Trawas, makes the Hotel an ideal retreat, from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The quietness of the Grand Trawas Hotel is an ideal condition for those looking for a body and mind fitness, without escaping from the hotel sites.

Rice fields hamper the hilly site, fruits and vegetables cultivated by local residents are additional attractions to the remnants of old Majapahit that lies in the area.

Address : Trawas - Mojokerto
Phone : +62-343-880015
Fax : +62-343-880012
: info@grandtrawas.com
Website : http://www.grandtrawas.com/