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Trowulan, seat of the great Majapahit Kingdom

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Vanda Gardenia Hotel & Resort 3 star(s)

VANDA Gardenia has expand its resort complex with the establishment of VANDA Gardenia Hotel, a 60 room boutique hotel designed in Luxurious classic & zen contemporary style. Vanda Gardenia Hotel also accomodates families and groups with Bungalow (Cottages) and Villa.

The hotel will stand 800 meters above the sea level, allowing you to taste the fresh mountain breeze from any angle. VANDA Gardenia Hotelwill also be complemented with the presence of recently launched Nirvana Ballroom, which could cater up to 1000 people (standing - conditions apply). VANDA Gardenia Hotel will be a breakthrough to the typical resort hotel, promising Joyful and Treasured experience in serene atmosphere.

Address : Jl. Raya Trawas, Trawas-Mojokerto
Phone : +62 343 882318|+62 343 882668
Fax : +62 343 880570
: -
Website : http://vandagardenia.com/