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Sanur Beach : Watch the sun rise from below the horizon

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Abyss Adventures Dive Center

We are a dedicated technical dive centre, located just 20 mins. from Bali's main airport. Join us if you want to get started on technical diving, or if you are already technical diving certified and want to upgrade your certification.

What we offer:

    * DSAT Discover Tec diving
    * PADI Nitrox (Enriched Air course)
    * DSAT Tec Level 1 course
    * DSAT Tec Deep course
    * DSAT Trimix Diver course
    * DSAT Nitrox Blender course
    * DSAT Trimix Blender course
    * Technical dive trips for already certified technical divers

We have three full-time technical diving Instructors on staff and can run any of these tec diving programs at any time.
We also offer air, Nitrox & Trimix fills at our tech dive filling station.

Address : Danau Poso 36 B 80228 Denpasar
Phone : +62 361 271317
Fax : +62 361 271316
: info@abyssadventures.com
Website : http://www.abyssadventures.com