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Jakarta Convention Center : Indonesia’s Largest Convention Venue

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Waroeng Shanghai Blue 1920


The glamorous ambience of Batavia back in the 1920’s is bound to be more perfect if the palate is seduced and the wildest imagination is provoked with a wide selection of nostalgic cuisine.

Imagine a mischievous city.....
When the urban skies turned pitch-dark, its dwellers rushed to seek comfort in bars and tea houses, as if their lives depended on it.

Was it really a sin to amuse oneself to overlook sorrows for a little while?
Was it considered a crime to indulge in singing and dancing to the inviting tunes in an overcrowded,  smoke-filled room?
Was it wrong to flirt with a wink of an eye and naughty lyrics? The city was Batavia. The year was 1920.
And that was a part of romantic stories that...

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