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MANADO, new International Conventions and Exhibitions Venue

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The Village Bunaken

From the beach and into a secluded natural tropical garden you will find well spaced and comfortable cottages. A combination of privacy and a place to meet others. Share your underwater experiences and travel stories. Friendly staff, excellent service and a wide range of facilities. The resort is like a small village. Hence the name...

The style of the resort is a balanced blend of several Indonesian architectures. The main structures are in a traditional Minahasa style, which is modernized with contemporary and functional tropical design. The finer details are mainly Balinese and Jawanese in origin.

"Already early the tropical sunlight filters through the windows. A new day begins with the promise of new impressions and experiences. It is a merging of new ideas and thoughts. To let yourself unwind and being active, together in a cherished memory."

Address : Bunaken
Phone : +6281340757268|+6281356666618
Fax : -
: info@bunakenvillage.com
Website : http://www.bunakenvillage.com/