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Memorial Museum of the Sultanate of Ternate

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Bela International Hotel 5 star(s)

Before the first Europeans arrived on the shores of North Moluccas in the sixteenth century there was already Sultanates here who controlled and arranged the politics, government, economy, social and welfare.

The people still have creativity eventhough a large infilteration process has been going on through the ages.

Bela International Hotel Ternate, North Moluccas and East Indonesia’s finest and newest hotel warmly welcomes you with the best of Eastern Indonesian hospitality and offers a unique combination of contemporary design with elegant five-star facilities and modern day conveniences.

Address : Jl. Jati Raya No.500, Pulau Ternate, Maluku Utara
Phone : 0921-3121800|0921-3123800
Fax : 0921-31235000
: reservation@belainternationalhotel.com
Website : http://www.belainternationalhotel.com/