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SEBANGAU NATIONAL PARK : Where Orang Utans Roam Free in the Wild

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Putri Rimba Marumba Tour&Travel

Meet one of endangered species on the earth which is only found in Indonesia and part of Malaysia. Borneo including Malaysia and Kalimantan also in Sumatra are nature home for this umbrella species.
Tanjung puting national park is your truly wildlife adventures tours site. Your travel to indonesia borneo will give you unforgettable memory in your live-time VisitOrangutan.com is one of the major local tour operator of borneo wildlife and culture specialist.
We and our guide teams spend years involving directly with wildlife and cultures including studied of one endangered species of Borneo " orangutan " The tours packages are designed for many different types of peoples and it is packed in different adventures level. From very soft adventure such as boating up the river for orangutan tour and dayak mahakam river experience to the challenging adventure trip of a cross borneo.
Some combination destination are also provided as part of our program to accommodated awearness of eco tourism We are sure, we could provide best itinerary or design any program you could not find in our website based on your time in indonesia and your minimum budget without sacrifice the comfort, fun and unforgettable trip. Please feel free to contact us for detail day by day itinerary, price or many more.

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