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Bali : Simply the World's Best Island


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Wonderfull Bali!

By Bemby Bantara Narendra

Bali is one of the rich island with arts and cultures. You can have thrifty vacation with lots of fun or have a high class and exclusive one with luxury treats. I stayed at THE HILL VILLAS at Nusa Dua with the full service accommodation.
Enjoy the serenity, peaceful, environment away from the crowd, clean, yet you feel a touch of the traditional. yes there are dirty places, but if you know where to find clean beaches and clean dining, you will appreciate the beauty ob Bali.

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adrian winarto

Posted on 26 Feb 2011 at 06:12

very2 good island!!! love bali love indonesia you will find clean beaches if you go to bali!! Traditional people.... freindly people :) i like it the food taste is verrrrry good spicy yummy ~~

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