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Mendut Temple : Spiritual Portal to the imposing Borobudur temple

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Acacia Tour & Travel

Borobudur is the greatest budhist monument in the world was built in the 8 century. The monument was built 400 years before the greatest catedral was built in Europe and 300 years before Angkor Vat in Camboja. At least 2,5 million visitors visits the monument each year, therefore visit it is a must. Borobudur Monument is located 42 kilometers north-west of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple just 17 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Prambanan temple is the most beautiful hindhus temple in Indonesia was built in 9 century. As tourist destination, Yogyakarta is famous both overseas and domestic .

Many cultural Performances could be found here such as : Puppet, Ramayana Ballet, Many dances and Jatilan. Beaches : Baron, Kukup, Krakal, Parangtritis. Temples : Prambanan, Sari, Sambisari, Kalasan, Plaosan, Boko, Bubrah, Ijo. Handycraft : Silver, Batik, Mask, Bamboo, Furniture and Leather. Museum : Sonobudoyo, Affandi, Vredeburg, Kakayon, Ullen Sentalu. Traditional Ceremony : Sekaten, Grebeg, Labuhan, Saparan, Tumpak Wajik. Hidden trek is kept by Yogyakarta. A wonderful sunrise from Suroloyo hill is amazing experience or Boko sunset trekking unforgetable memory. Yogyakarta is not only cultural city but also education city. Gajah Mada University [UGM] is the oldest university in Indonesia was established in 1949 and now with 18 faculties. Yogyakarta has about 30 private universities, 70 courses & diploma, 10 government universities and 4 states universities.

Yogyakarta is really melting pot or miniature of Indonesia and you can find mostly tribes in Indonesia here. Come and find uniqueness of Yogyakarta society. Travelling to Indonesia is not complete yet before visiting and exploring Yogyakarta. Acacia Tour & Travel as a travel agent will help you to design and arrange your tour needs.

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