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The Island of Morotai : General Douglas MacArthur’s Air and Naval Base during World War II

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Weda Resort Halmahera

Weda Resort, on the east coast of Central Halmahera, Maluku, Indonesia is a small eco resort that caters for both divers and birdwatchers alike. Just 4 bungalows made from locally sourced materials make up this little bit of paradise! It's just you, and not a lot else for miles around! Hot water is created by solar power and wind turbines and solar panels generate electricity for the resort, so the envirnmental impact is minimal. Each bungalow has either two single or double beds with mosquito nets and ceiling fans, en suite shower rooms and a shaded verandah to relax on after the day's activities.

The centrally located restaurant provides delicious home made cooking from locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meat, especially seafood By staying at our Eco resort you contribute directly to the conservation of the forest and reefs and the development of the local communities of Sawai Itepo and Kobe Village.

Address : Sawai Itepo, Weda Tengah, Halmahera Tengah, Maluku Utara, Indonesia
Phone : +62 81340044758 | +62 8124433754
Fax : -
: info@wedaresort.com
Website : http://www.wedaresort.com/