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Mangga Dua : Jakarta’s Shopping Paradise Street

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Putri Duyung Ancol 3 star(s)

Mermaid Ancol As a place of lodging for families with a unique shape and artistic Cottage is equipped with various facilities of international standard. With a total area of Ancol Mermaid currently about 70,000 M2, the shape of a small peninsula surrounded by alut and artificial lakes.

Ancol Mermaid was built with the concept of comfort to the family and refers to a comfortable environment. With tranquil beaches backed rare palm trees and trees that lined the surrounding cottages as well as a unique form of cottage architecture with the aim to guarantee the freshness of its inhabitants.

Address : Putri Duyung Ancol Jalan Lodan Timur No 7, Jakarta Utara, 14330
Phone : +6221 2601680
Fax : +62-21-2601691, 6405
: reservasi@putriduyungancol.com
Website : http://www.putriduyung-ancol.com/