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The ancient Village of Ke’te Kesu’ in the heart of the Toraja highlands

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Toraja Nusantara Tours

TORAJA NUSANTARA TOURS, was established in the beginning of 1978, as one of the potential Tour Operator in Indonesia. Since the first day of its operations, the company believes that we are able to enter the large market high demands of traveling in Indonesia with variety of our travel products & services. Passengers of many airlines, both domestic and international flight carriers, increase rapidly recently, and the needs of traveling overseas through outbound & inbound tour packages have shown a positive movement in Indonesia. Then, we assume everybody needs traveling!!

TORAJA NUSANTARA TOURS has several experienced associates that surely would be glad to assist all enquiries from our clients at any time in a friendly atmosphere. We understand that in this case hospitality has become one of the major aspects in our travel businesses. With aim to serve our loyal customers towards excellent satisfaction is one of our missions to complete. The speed of service, the accuracy and effectiveness of working environment amongst our employees will ensure you a very pleasant moment during your holidays or business trips.

Being established Indonesia, as one of the most developing countries in Asia Pacific Region, and famous with its beautiful nature, TORAJA NUSANTARA TOURS would like to provide you or your clients with many choices of Inbound Tour packages throughout the cities of Indonesia. Ranged from natural beauty, beaches, wild-reserves, islands, adventure and cultural tourist attraction have made us becoming more proud to be one of the most trusted inbound tour operators and travel partner in Indonesia. Let us create a memorable journey during your stay in Indonesia with our excellent and friendly service atmosphere.

Address : Rantepao Lodge Hotel, Rantepao, Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia.
Phone : 0819701702
Fax : -
: info@torajanusantara.com
Website : http://www.torajanusantara.com/