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Pulau Wangi-Wangi in Wakatobi : Stupendous Dives and Bajo Sea Gypsies

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Sulawesi Experience

We offer you the widest range of holiday options to the most exotic and sought-after destinations in Sulawesi Island and others place interest in Indonesia. With our elaborately executed system of providing premium tailor-made holiday services, we are confident you will relish all the flavours of a perfect holiday. Our service involves all aspects of the tourism sector, particularly including of Package Tours in Toraja, Makassar, Manado, Explorer South Sulawesi, Cars Rental, Hotels Accommodation, Trakking, Rafting, Meeting, Convention, Incentive Tour, Adventure Tour, and more.

Address : Jalan Dahlia. Komp. Pesona Taman Dahlia Blok C.19 Makassar, South Sulawesi
Phone : +62411 5737779
Fax : +62411 872397
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Website : http://www.sulawesi-experience.com