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Denpasar : Heroic capital of Bali

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Villa Mahapala

Located in tranquil Sanur, Villa Mahapala is a luxury resort villa featuring the twelve signs of the zodiac. Exceptionally designed with immaculate facilities, it will leave you with an unforgettable impression of your holiday in Bali.

The resort with its elegant villas, complete with their own private pools, will captivate your imagination. Each villa is individually designed according to your own personal zodiac sign. This theme is continued throughout the resort, and our tasteful and elegant atmosphere will ensure that our guests enjoy a personalised villa experience.

Villa Mahapala offers 20 uniquely designed villas customized for all visitors, including high-end guests, and induces a feeling of singularity according to their zodiac sign. All villas feature signature designs, echoing the same mysticism of zodiac symbols in a smart decorated ambience influenced by contemporary Balinese architecture. The resort offers 2 types of villas illustrating either a subtle or bold colour that defines "masculinity" or "femininity".

Address : Jl. Pantai Sindhu, Sanur 80228 Bali - Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 286 222
Fax : +62 361 281 222
: info@villamahapala-bali.com
Website : http://www.villamahapala-bali.com/