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Denpasar : Heroic capital of Bali

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BC Lounge Bar

The only lounge & Bar you will find in the city of Denpasar with Retro interior concept, and Cozy atmosphere where you can express your style with your character. Located on the 2rd floor Baker’s Corner Teuku Umar Denpasar. Enjoy your night in our exclusive maroon ambience with our regular performances from Sunday to Saturday, Live Music, Salsa, live sport or just playing pools with relative & friends.

Address : Jl. Teuku Umar 173 Denpasar-Bali
Phone : +62 361 243861|+62 361 243862
Fax : +62 361 243862
: sales@rama-restaurants-bali.com
Website : http://www.rama-restaurants-bali.com/outlet/bc/index.html