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Denpasar : Heroic capital of Bali

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Barata Tours and Travel

After experiencing a prolonged crisis, and also a disaster "Bom Bali I and II", Tsunami, Earthquake and others who really rocked Indonesia's tourism necessarily disrupt the economy, especially in Bali, but Bali was still a major tourist destination with various options hotels, restaurants and places of recreation and tourist draw with the support of the population hospitality, distinctive cultural, religious ritual activities sustainable, natural and charming. Besides, the Balinese are still holding the concept of "Tri Hita Karana" which is the human relationship with nature, man's relationship with fellow beings and the human relationship with the creator. From 3 the concept of mutual respect, honor and maintain that evoke a sense of deep peace and calm which is always offered by Bali as "Bali, the Island of Peace"

Address : Jl. Sedap Malam Gang Rampai, Kesiman, Denpasar - Bali - Indonesia 80237
Phone : (+62-361) 233111
Fax : (+62-361) 237494
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Website : http://balitrip.com/service/