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Flower City of Tomohon

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Onong's Palace Tour Arrangement

Onong's Palace is an ideal resort to use as a base-camp for observing Tomohon and arround in Minahasa. Our friendly and helpful staff will cheerfully be at all service to organize any trips/tours you desire or give you reliable information regarding possible activities can be done while staying at Onong's Palace. Please read the "Places of Interest near Tomohon" and then choose your tour from the samples below:

Tomohon traditional market, Woloan wooden house industry, Rurukan view point, Tondano Lake, hotsprings area, Linow lake, Japanesse Caves, Lahendong volcanic ground, pottery-making Pulutan Village, Kawangkoan the peanuts town, Leilem the furnitures & cow carts making village & other attractive spots are encountered on this approximately 7 hours tour.

Minahasa Highland Tour is one of the most favourite tours in North Sulawesi
    Lake Linow - Lahendong encountered on Minahasa Highland Tour
Linow Ancient Crater Lake
Lahendong - Minahasa
Cows-drawn cart & vegetable plantations - Minahasa, North Sulawesi
Vegetables Farms & Cows-drawn cart, Minahasa - North Sulawesi

Address : Jl. Kimereng Kali Desa Kinilow Dusun IV Tomohon - North Sulawesi Indonesia
Phone : +624313157090
Fax : +624313157090
: info@tomohon-onong.com
Website : http://tomohon-onong.com/