Kedisan Village at the foot of Mt. Batur

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Kedisan is a small rural village nestled at the foot of the Mount Batur on the island of Bali, at the edge of Lake Batur, the largest lake in on the island. The village sits amidst the panoramic setting of the crescent shaped lake and the majestic volcano filling the skyline above. It is one of 15 villages in the Kintamani Region, about 2 hours north from Denpasar, capital city of Bali.

Located between Lake Batur’s shore and the magnificent Mount Batur, Kedisan’s soil is well irrigated by the river and incredibly fertile due to the volcanic ash. That, combined with the cool mountainous climate makes it the perfect crop-raising terrain. It’s no wonder, therefore, that this region is inhabited largely by those that make a living by farming. Kedisan’s colorful patchwork of agricultural produce includes onions, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes and much more.  Some residents of Kedisan also work as fisherman, as Lake Batur is home to quite the abundance of fish.

The Kintamani region has been well known since the 9th century, as is proven by various royal edicts engraved on copper plates found throughout Kedisan and the other villages around Lake Batur, such as Trunyan, Songan and Buahan.


To Stay, To Do

Batur Lakeside Hut offers a variety of spacious Balinese-style bungalows, each complete with twin or queen-size beds. Facilities include a swimming pool, a library, a restaurant offering local and international cuisines and a lakeside restaurant for fresh fish specials. Other services include guides up the mountain and to the volcano’s caldera, and transportation to other parts of Bali.

Batur Lakeside HutKedisan – Kintamani, BaliPhone: 62 – 361 – 8070181Website: http://baturlakesidehut.comSegara Hotel is located in Kedisan village at the foot of Mount Batur. It offers 4 standards of rooms, Economic, Standard, Deluxe and Superior. It also organizes several tours around Lake Batur and the surrounding area.

Segara Hotel Kedisan ,Kintamani 80652Phone: 62 – 366 – 51136Mobile: 62 81338 778696Email: hotelsegara@hotmail.comWebsite: www.batur-segarahotel.comSurya Hotel in Kedisan Village offers 28 comfortable rooms, each with a private shower and hot water. Other services include trekking guides, tours around the island and free pick-ups and transfers. Rates range from USD10 – 25 and include a free breakfast.

Surya HotelKedisan – Kintamani, BaliPhone: 62 – 366 – 51378Email: info@suryahotel.comWebsite: www.suryahotel.comWindusara HotelJalan Raya KedisanPenelokan, Kintamani, BailPhone: 62 0 366 0 52467Email: windosarahotel@yahoo.comWebsite: www.windusarahotel.baliklik.comBaruna Cottages is located in the neighboring village of Buahan, also along the shore of Lake Batur. All rooms are inclusive of a Continental Breakfast, and free pick up from Ubud area. Rates range from 400,000 – 600,000 rupiah per night. Trekking guides and tours around the island are also available. Baruna CottagesBuahan Village, KintamaniPhone: 62 – 366 – 51378Mobile: 62 – 81388 459739Email: booking@barunacottages.comWebsite:


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Kedisan Village is a rugged, mountainous region, so make sure to bring the appropriate shoes and clothing.

The best time to visit is during the summer, as the paths tend to be slippery during the rainy season.

One downside to Kedisan is an excess of vendors and locals offering various services. These people tend to be quite pushy and charge extra for the services they provide. So as not to encourage such a practice, these people should be turned down firmly but politely.

Getting There and Around

Get There

Located on the exotic and internationally famous island of Bali, getting to Kedisan village is a fairly easy task. Bali is an extremely well connected airport with international flights available from numerous cities across the globe, including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brisbane, Darwin, Dili, Doha, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Manila, Melbourne, Moscow, Osaka, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo and others. Domestic flights are available from all major cities of Indonesia.

From the airport, (or anywhere,) simply hire a cab, and you’re good to go! Kedisan village is approximately 60 kilometers north from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali.