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Jakarta’s Neo Gothic Catholic Cathedral

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Lan Na Thai

Face Asia a Pan Asian Restaurant chain
Face Opened it's first restaurant in 1992 in Jakarta, called Hazara (Indian Cuisine) with an associated bar, this became successful and 1996 a Thai restaurant as a follow up which was opened  with a bar called Face.  The Face name was created by accident when a large 2.2 m square wood carving of a Buddha Face was purchased, the carving and the significant and meaning of the word with its connotations of social interaction rapidly developed into an icon.
Now the face boasts a chain of brands across Asia, so far Face has Restaurant's in Jakarta, Shanghai, Bangkok, Beijing and Pudong. Within these cities we serve Cuisines ranging from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan and even a French Patisserie chain. Face has also Open it's first Bouquet Hotel In Beijing and also offers Spa facilities in Bangkok.

Address : Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaha No.85 Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (+6221) 3192 5037
Fax : (+6221) 314 1854
: jakarta@facebars.com
Website : http://www.facebars.com/en/jakarta/restaurant/Lanna-thai/