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Relaxing Bolihutuo Beach at Gorontalo

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Miguel's Diving Gorontalo

Even well-traveled divers love diving the walls of Gorontalo for their amazing and diverse sponges. Divers are sure to marvel at the tangled tapestry of hanging blue rope sponges at several sites. Near the bottom of the first wall, vase, barrel and trumpet sponges easily outsize the diver. But the clear favorite is what we at Miguel's Diving call the Salvador Dali sponge (Petrosia lignosa) for its surrealistically carved surface. Although this sponge is only known from vertical walls in Indonesia, including those in North Sulawesi, the intricately swirled surface is only found in Gorontalo, where it is quite common and grows to incredible size. That means that divers wanting to see its weird beauty first hand should come to Gorontalo and dive with Miguel's.

Dive sites pioneered by Miguel's Diving in Gorontalo offer muck diving, wall diving, wreck diving, and multiple pinnacle diving. Numerous caverns and towering overhangs give divers an eerie but safe alternative. Dive sites often used during the 2009-2010 season are listed below. We have been too busy diving to add all of these to the web site.

Address : Office at Gorontalo Oasis Hotel: Jl. Agus Salim No 29
Phone : +62 852 4004 7027
Fax : +62 435 826 579
: info@miguelsdiving.com
Website : http://www.miguelsdiving.com/