Wonosobo’s Stunning Mountain panorama, cool fresh air and tea plantations

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A unique combination of ancient temples, history, traditions, culture and amazing natural beauty make Wonosobo a very worthwhile place to visit. Sight-seeing here includes hot springs, a multi-colored lake, ancient temples and some impressive grand panoramic scenery from the peaks. The fresh air, beautiful greenery and serenity will help relieve your stress . So just relax and enjoy the experience of the many interesting spots around Wonosobo.

The Wonosobo regency  has as capital the city of Wonosobo in the  Central Java province,  and is located about 120 km south west from Semarang. The regency itself lies in the Dieng Plateau. The word “Wonosobo” is derived from the Javanese word “Wanasaba” which in turn comes from the Sanskrit “Vanasabha”,  literally meaning 'the gathering place in the forest'.  

Wonosobo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Java. This area, which is around an hour and a half ride away from the Borobudur temple also has many beautiful spots to visit. Many public facilities are provided here, making Wonosobo a comfortable place for tourists and visitors, such as hotels, homestays, traditional restaurants, banks, money changers, shopping and sport centers. The natural scenery of Wonosobo is absolutely stunning. Here are also many kinds of unique Wonosobo handicrafts that can be bought as souvenirs to take home.

Dieng Plateau is located 26 km. north of the town of Wonosobo and approximately 2000 meters above sea level. The average daytime temperature here is cool, ranging betweem 10-15 degrees Celsius, becoming a good deal colder at night. The temperate weather has led to the unique style of dress of its people.The residents also take advantage of the cool climate to maximize their farms.

Wonosobo is home to the largest vegetable-producing region of Central Java, centered around the Dieng Plateau,  located about 26 km north of the town of Wonosobo. Large portions of their land have been converted into fields for growing various vegetables and fruits, with main commodities being potatoes and cabbage. Carica, a type of papaya typical to Dieng, is turned into delicious meals and snacks that are favorites, typical souvenirs of Dieng. Purwaceng, a wild grass that grows here, is made into a nutritious drink to increase male masculinity. Speaking of food, a must try here is the delicious Tempeh Kemul of Dieng and the legendary Mie Ongklok Wonosobo.

The Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo is the site of the oldest Hindu temples in Indonesia. Here visitors can find ancient temples built around 800 AD, and colorful lakes as well as bubbling sulfuric craters. The air is very fresh up here partly due to the high altitude, and the surrounding mountains and forests.


To Stay, To Do

There are many comfortable home-stays and hotels available here in Wonosobo, with a host of amenities and at reasonable prices. Below are several accommodation options available in within Wonosobo.

Gallery Kresna Wonosobo HotelJl. Pasukan Ronggolawe No. 30Wonosobo - Central Java, INDONESIA 56311Tel. (+62 - 286) 324 111Fax. (+62 - 286) 324 112

Wisma Duta HomestayJl. Rumah Sakit 3,Wonosobo, Central JavaPondok Besan HomestayManggisan Indah P/16Wonosobo, Indonsia

Sendangsari Bamboo HomestayDusun KalikuningDesa Sengdangsari, Wonosobo56353

Surya Asia HotelJl. Jend. A. Yani 137,Wonosobo 56311

Getting There and Around

Get There

You can reach Wonosobo from Semarang, capital of Central Java. Semarang is served by daily flights from Jakarta, Surabaya and other cities around Indonesia. You can also reach Semarang by train from Jakarta or Surabaya.

The main bus station in Wonosobo is Mendolo, approximately 8 km to the east of the city center. There are regular services to and from Jakarta, Yogya, Solo and Semarang. One of the most popular is the Sinar Jaya bus network, which costs around Rp 60,000 (non A/C) - Rp 75,000 (A/C).


If you are planning to go to Wonosobo from Yogyakarta, you need to go to Giwangan Bus Terminal, and hop on to the bus to Magelang. It will cost you around Rp 15,000 (depending on the bus, A/C or without A/C). In Magelang Bus Terminal, you can find a small bus going to Wonosobo, the bus is without A/C. It will cost you around Rp 15,000.


You can get to the city center from Mendolo bus station using public minibus. Just tell the driver to go to Plasa, the city center.


If you would like to travel by rental car, there are several travel agents in Yogyakarta providing minivans for rent to go to Wonosobo. the cost is Rp 36,000 - Rp 40,000.

Rahayu Travel
Yogyakarta office:
Jl.P Diponegoro 27
Phone:+62 274 587080
Wonosobo office:+62 286 321217.

Dini Travel
Wonosobo office:
+62 286 322211