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Ketinting : the Unique Traditional Slender Boat of Lampung

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To get up real close to the playful wild dolphins that are found in the open sea at Kiluan Bay in Lampung, is certainly a one of a kind sensation. What can make it even more special is when you can get near them on the unique traditional boat of Lampung, known as Ketinting. The ketinting, with its slender shape, complete with bamboo outriggers on each side enables it to maneuver fast through the oncoming waves of the ocean.

The Ketinting’s unique shape and its curves and sharp points on both ends resemble the Siger Crown, icon of the province of Lampung.

Locally, Ketinting, is also known as Jukung Lampung or jung. These are akin to traditional boats as found along several coastlines all over the Indonesian archipelago such as those used by fishermen in South Kalimantan, along the coast of Madura in East Java, Bali, and also along to coast of Sumatra from Aceh to Lampung.

Ketinting is a traditional boat which is normally used by Lampung fishermen to catch fish in the open seas. These fishermen are not only skilled in hunting fish with their slim boats but are also expert in building the boats using “Lumas” wood or “Tabo” Wood. Interestingly, the boats are carved from a single tree trunk that is hollowed out and smoothened to create the hull.

After cutting down the Lumas or Tabo tree, the trunk is left to dry in the sun for two months before the carving process can begin. Subsequently, the trunk is carved into the shape of the boat, smoothened, and then added with wooden boards. The final stage is the painting process which usually uses bright colors such as green, yellow, red, or blue.

Once the painting process is done, the boats will be completed with bamboo outriggers on each side of the boat, locally known as “katir”. The outrigger acts as a shield against the wave as well as to balance the boat, keeping it steady as it maneuvers fast. A single ketinting can accommodate between 4 to 6 people.     

It takes 3 months for fishermen along the coast of Lampung to build a ketinting. The boat has a total length of 11 meters by 60cm in width. Usually, the longer and wider the boat, the more expensive the price. On average, the shorter boats are sold for around IDR 3 million, while the relatively long boats can reach IDR7 million, excluding engine. Originally, Ketintings used a mast and sail, but nowadays fishermen of Lampung prefer a motorized engine to power the boat.

If you wish to observe how ketinting boats are built, you can visit Tanggamus on Kiluan Island where live a large number of fishermen who build high quality ketintings for themselves or on order. Aside from Tanggamus, you may also find these at Pekon Village, Kilauan, which is also renowned for its Ketintings.

To experience the sensation of watching wild dolphins up close on a ketinting in Kiluan Bay, you can rent one of these unique boats for IDR150,000 to IDR 250,000 depending on your bargaining skills. Donot worry about your safety and security since you will also be given life jackets, and rest assured that the boats’ captains are truly skilled seafarers.

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Ketinting : the Unique Traditional Slender Boat of Lampung

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