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Lengkuas Island : charming old Lighthouse Overlooking a Pristine Beach

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Kelayang Beach Cottages

We are located on Tangung Kelayang Beach the prettiest beach in Southeast Asia. The hotel is located right on the beach with beautiful views of the white sand beaches, turquoise seas, small deserted islands, abstract natural granite sculptures and colorful local fishing craft. The tranquil seas and beaches provide a perfect safe place to swim, snorkel and explore. We are a short thirty minute drive from Belitung’s newly renovated airport in Tanjung Pandan. We can arrange to pick you up at the airport.

Address : Tanjung Kelayang, Kecamatan Sikuk Bangka Belitung - Indonesia
Phone : +62-81-929 798420
Fax : -
: rhelwansa@yahoo.co.id
Website : http://www.kelayangcottages.com/