Setu Babakan

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Located at Srengseng Sawah in the subdistrict of Jagakarsa in South Jakarta, is Setu Babakan, a man-made lake that is a water catchment area for the city of Jakarta. The lake receives its water from the Ciliwung river that flows here from the mountains of West Java. Covering an area of around 30 hectares, this peaceful lake is surrounded by clusters of shady fruit trees among which are mangoes, mangosteens, rambutans, starfruit, guava, jackfruit, durians and many other juicy tropical fruits.


As one of the last remaining, and most intact Betawi village communities in Jakarta, Setu Babakan has been stipulated as a Betawi Cultural Heritage village to showcase the life of the original Betawi people, the indigenous ethnic group of Jakarta.


Here visitors can see the original architecture and layout of the houses or stroll through thid rustic village that has retained the Betawi atmosphere, watch cultural performances by the lakeside, enjoy special Betawi food and snacks, or go fishing or boating on the lake


For, it is here at Setu Babakan where the Betawi Culture is being kept for conservation and revival for posterity. Discoveringsuch a large area of green trees and rural setting in the middle of busy Jakarta is indeed a most enjoyable surprise.


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Get There

To get to Setu Babakan, when you drive, take the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) toll road to Jagakarsa. At Jalan Lenteng Agung make a U-turn after the University of Pancasila, then turn left pass the Aulia and Zahirah Hospitals before reaching Setu Babakan.


If you prefer public transportation you can take the Kopaja at the Pasar Minggu Terminal. Take Kopaja No. 616 which takes the route Blok M – Cimpedak. The vehicle will stop right in front of the gate at Setu Babakan. The fee will cost you Rp. 1,400. Or you can take a taxi from Depok, which is a short distance from here.