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Wayang Summit 2012

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Wayang Summit 2012

24 Nov 2012 -  25 Nov 2012


On 24th  and 25th November 2012, the National Monument (Monas) in the heart of the capital city Jakarta will be the venue for Wayang Summit 2012, a top gathering of Indonesia’s own authentic Wayang puppet art lovers and cultural enthusiasts  from all over the country.

This special cultural event carries the theme “Building World Cultural Cooperation through Wayang” which was created as a forum for cultural networking through the Indonesian art of Wayang, Gamelan, and Keris. The Summit also aims to share visions and strategies to preserve and sustain world cultural heritage assets.

On the initiative and organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Wayang Summit 2012 is a multi -activities event that will bring together key figures, experts, and dalangs (puppets masters) from all over the archipelago and other countries. In addition to various Wayang performances, the event will feature Wayang Workshops, Wayang Exhibitions, and Wayang Characters Coloring Competitions for children. The various wayang shows from Indonesia and other countries will be performed at 5 stages located in the South Monas Field.

Wayang Summit 2012 will feature various types of wayang performances including: Wayang Beber Pacitan by traditional dalang Mesran Guna Asmara and contemporary dalang Tri Ganjar Wicaksono; Wayang Kulit (Leather Puppets)  dalang bocah by a boy dalang Tri Atmodjo; Wayang Kulit Palembang by Ki Sukartana and Kgs.Wirawan Rusdi; Wayang Golek (wooden Puppets) Ajen by Ki Wawan Ajen; Wayang Suket (Grass Puppet) by Slamet Gundono; Wayang Golek Menak Jogja by Dr.Junaidi S.Kar.,M.Hum; Wayang Orang Bharata (a traditional play),  and Wayang Kulit Purwa Solo by the wayang kulit maestro Ki Mantheb Sudharsono bringing the story of Bima Bangkit or “The Rise of Bima”.

The event will also stage wayang performances from the USA, Iran, China, and Kenya.

The Wayang Workshop will feature key speakers and experts from Canada, Croatia, France, China, and Indonesia. Scheduled to take place on 24th November 2012, the program will also be participated by UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnatte – International Marionatte/Puppetry Association), PEPADI (Association of Dalang/Puppet Masters of Indonesia), SENA WANGI (The National Secretariate of Wayang), and APA (ASEAN Puppetry Association).The Wayang Exhibitions will also exhibit collections from wayang artisans, books, comics, wayang crafts, and various other collections from all over the archipelago.

For More Information, visit the event’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WayangSummit2012

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