Mentawai International Pro Surf Competition 2013

21 Apr 2013 - 29 Apr 2013

The Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) is delighted to announce their first-ever Premium event, the Mentawai International Pro Surf Competition 2013 presented by Rip Curl, scheduled to take place from 21st to 29th April 2013 at Lance’s Right on the island of Sipora in the world renowned surfing Mecca of the Mentawai Islands.


Fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Office of Culture and Tourism of West Sumatra, the Competition will involve 43 surfers, comprising the top 16 ranked ASC surfers competing with 7 international wild cards and 1 local trials winner from among 20 local Mentawai surfers.


New for the 2013 ASC season is the introduction of the Premium format event, which is reserved for only the best and most challenging wave locations and the top 16 ranked competitors on the ASC tour.


With an $8,000 USD prize purse, $2,500 going to the winner along with 3,500 ASC championship points, not only do the top 16 get to surf one of the world’s best waves with only one or two other surfers in the lineup, they also have a chance to rack up cash and valuable championship points.


The Mentawai Pro presented by Rip Curl is the second professional surfing event to be held at Lance’s Right (the inaugural Mentawai Open was held in 2011) as well as the second event to be presented by Rip Curl (last year’s Rip Curl Pro Mentawai was held at Macaronis).


Originally named after Lance Knight, an Australian surfer who is credited with discovering the spot, Lance’s Right is quite possibly one of the best waves in the world, with countless images and videos by top professional surfers flaunting their prowess all over the internet and in magazines.  It also goes by the name HT’s, the acronym for “Hollow Trees”.


Not for the faint of heart, Lance’s Right is tailor-made for the experienced surfer, with perfectly round and seemingly endless barrels reeling down the reef and ending on what is known as “the Surgeon’s Table”, the extremely shallow end section with only a few inches of water covering up the razor sharp coral reef.  But it does have variety as well, depending upon swell size and direction, offering up anything from big open face carves to ‘puntable’ air sections on the inside in addition to those throaty barrel rides.


Indonesia hopes that with more such events held in Mentawai, which will attract even more surfers, that this will also benefit the local population and lead the development of other economic sectors on the islands. 


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