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Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014: Defining Quality in Sea Food

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Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014: Defining Quality in Sea Food

2 Nov 2014 -  5 Nov 2014


Highlighting the abundant wealth of the Indonesian waters, the Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014 will be held from 2nd to 5th November 2014 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention CenterNusa Dua on the fabled island of Bali.


Carrying the theme “De­fining Quality in Seafood”, the Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo aims to bring the world’s most essential seafood industries to the heart of the archipelago and showcases the finest quality of global seafood products. The Indonesia International Seafood & Processing Expo will play its part in reinforcing the global seafood market by giving mass opportunities for both Indonesian and International seafood industries to promote the finest seafood products and its aligned industries. In the long run, the event is also expected to finally enhance the global fisheries economy.


The event will present a platform for buyers and sellers as well as governments, associations, and agencies to meet and discuss business opportunities as well as latest issues, strategic solutions, and investment opportunities in the global fisheries industry.


The Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014  will showcase some of the most essential seafood and fishery- related businesses including: Boat Manufacturing, Leasing and Agents; Companies with services for the seafood industry; Dried Seafood; Processing and packaging equipments; Finance and Investment; Freight forwarders and logistics services; Frozen Seafood; Furnishings and Fittings for Fishmongers; Insurances; Machineries; Packaging and physical distribution equipment and services; Processed and Canned Seafood; Purification and Storage Systems; Refrigerators, freezers, thawing machines, related equipment and technologies; Seafood Products; Seafood sanitation management machinery, related equipment & technologies;  Seasonings & food additives; Systems for Seafood Refrigeration and Freezing; and more.


Some of the issues on seafood and fishing industries will also be addressed in the event’s seminar sessions. Among the subjects are: Applying Food Science and Technology in Seafood Processing, Seeing Quality as A Business Investment (Certification and Labeling), and Starts Seafood Business: Finding Competitive Price and Get in to Marketing Chain.


With its vast waters and unique geographical features, the Indonesian Archipelago has extremely large fishery potencials. Covering a total territory (including marine) of 7.9 million square kilometers and a total coastal length of 104,000 kilometers, Indonesia ranks second only to Canada in terms of coastline.  Over the years, the country has shown significant efforts to raise the seafood production through industrial fishing and trawling. It is estimated that the potencials of Indonesia’s fishery sector reaches over USD 82 million yearly and so far have contributed to 1.7% of the Indonesia’s total GDP. The fishing industry of the country also contributed to the labor force as it involved 2.23 million sea fishermen, and 470 thousand shoreline fishermen.


Given the fact above, the Indonesia International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014 will truly play an important role in reinforcing the global seafood market, and enhancing worldwide fishery businesses.


More information available at: http://www.iisp2014.com/

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