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Indonesia The Most Varied Destination (DVD Format)

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8 minutes video promotion of Indonesia tourism combined with 3 different themes of Indonesia tourism TV Commercial.

List of Content:
1. Indonesia Ultimate in Diversity (video duration: 8 minutes)
2. Spa TVC (video duration: 1 minute)
3. Art & Craft TVC (video duration: 1 minute)
4. Marine Tourism TVC (video duration: 1 minute)

High quality DVD video format
Total file size: 667 mb
Total video duration: 11 minutes

How to use:
* Download Indonesia TheMostVariedDestination.VOB video file by the following steps:
- click your right mouse button on the link below.
- select "save link as" or "save target as"
- choose download directoy in your PC.
* To play the movie on a DVD player, burn the file in to DVD movie format by using various DVD maker software.
* Estimated time of download is vary. Between 10-30 minutes (depend on your internet connection).
* Use various download software to accelerate the download proccess and to prevent loosing download progress during bad connection.