Malang, Yogya, Bali, Batam and Singkawang hotels report Full House during extra long Weekend

Monday, 21 May 2012 | 3186

Hotels,  airlines and recreation parks  reaped an unexpected  harvest this long weekend since the government made Friday 18th May into a joint public holiday, following the Ascencion Day of Jesus Christ on Thursday, 17 May, and considering that Saturdays and Sundays  are non-working days anyhow.

Thousands drove out of Jakarta even since Thursday evening, leaving the capital city happily quiet for a change, while roads to Bandung, Puncak, Carita and other leisure destinations were jam-packed. Already heavily booked airlines pushed up their rates selling at top allowable prices, but still no more seats were available. As expected, most popular destinations by air for domestic tourists were still the fabulous island of Bali and culturally rich Yogyakarta.

Hotel Santika Premiere Yogyakarta reported 100% occupancy of its 148 rooms during this long weekend.  Yogya’s head of Statistics Bureau reported that average occupancy rate in the city has increased to 54.96 in March, up 7.2% compared to February.

On the island of Batam, in the Riau Islands, shopping centers were filled with shopeholics  from Sumatra seeking shoes, bags, imported goods and electronics. “Here prices are 30% cheaper than in Jambi”, said Samuel hailing from Jambi on Sumatra.  

In Singkawang, West Kalimantan, hotels also reported full house, And of course so are hotels in Bali, who anticipated average occupancies in the range between 75% to 85%.

In Bandung and Lembang, Chairman of the Hotel Association of West Bandung, Uung Rumaji said that hotels have been booked two weeks prior to this long weekend by tourists from Jakarta and other provinces. Bandung hotels reported 95% occcupancy. Other popular recreation and leisure areas in West Java reporting full house are Pangandaran by the beach facing the Indian Ocean and  Sukabumi, Puncak and Cipanas along the slopes of Mt. Gede-Pangrango.

While in MalangEast Java, the Hotel Asssociation in the hill resort of Batu said that many hotels have had to put out the “fully booked” sign. Besides the unexpected flood of holidaymakers, at the same time Batu also happened to host a number of meetings and conventions organized by companies and government agencies. Batu itself is said to have a total of 3,000 rooms.

Back in Jakarta, although the city’s usually jammed roads were blissfully empty, recreation parks and tourist attractions, malls and restaurants were reported full with holidaying visitors. Most popular are the Ancol Dreamland, the National Monument, the Zoo, and Taman Mini Indonesia Park.    

(Sources: Kompas, Bisnis Indonesia, TVone)