Over 10 million travelled over Eid holidays

Friday, 24 August 2012 | 2013

Latest data at the Ministry of Transportation showed that no less than 10.67 million people travelled over the Eid holidays since 12 August, both domestically as well as abroad, a 7.42% rise over last year’s 9.93 million.

Airlines reportedly carried 2.16 million passengers, consisting of 1.8 million on domestic and 353,159 to overseas destinations. The largest number or 5.98 million travelled overland and on inter-island ferries, up 3.1% compared to last year. Over 1.57 million travelled by rail, increasing 28.5%, while 948,546 passengers travelled by sea. The sea port of Batam was the busiest handling 111,514 passengers.

 This year Indonesia’s Eid Holidays became extra long, since it coincided with Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17 August, which fell on a Friday, while the end of Ramadan fell on Sunday, 19 August.  The government had also determined Tuesday and Wednesday the 21st and 22nd August as joint leave days, so that this gave to many the opportunity to take a total two-week holiday.

Jakarta authorities have estimated that near to 5.5 million or half of the capital’s inhabitants travelled out of the city during last week’s holidays, leaving Jakarta’s normally extremely congested roads nicely empty.

Major destinations were Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Everywhere across Indonesia, beaches  and recreation parks were full including at Anyer, Pangandaran, Kuta, Batu, Makassar, and more.   

Nonetheless, Jakarta hotels still reported good bookings since they were filled families spending the holidays away from homes, left by their usual helpers of nannies, maids and drivers.  Food courts and restaurants were also kept busy serving customers for lunch and dinner.

Most favorite destinations in Jakarta were the Ragunan Zoo, Ancol Dreamland, the National Monument and Taman Mini Indonesia.

From Monday, 28 August, expect to find Jakarta’s roads to be jammed again, as usual.

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