Miss Pearl 2009 Coronation and International Ecotourism Business Forum 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 | 12335

Sunday,  5 July 2009 – Senggigi, West Nusa Tenggara

The Launch of Visit Lombok – Sumbawa 2012

West Nusa Tenggara, a province that has abundance of natural resources is now prepared and focused to be set as the core national tourism promotion program in 2012. Officially the plan of this program that is called “Visit Lombok – Sumbawa Year 2012” was launched on Sunday, 5 July 2009 in a ceremonial event held at Senggigi, Lombok.

The launched of this program took a gala dinner theme and became an event of performance of West Nusa Tenggara Province’s readiness in welcoming this forthcoming program. As such, Muhammad Zainul Majdi the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara Province said, this province is a very promising as a tourist destination. Currently, under his administration, this province is intensively prepared. “We are ready to be a well-hospitable and strive to deliver our best service for tourists both domestic and foreign who come to our province”.

Besides promotional tools that are ready to be launched such as website and advertisements, at the same event, a special supporting program for Visit Lombok-Sumbwa 2012 was also organized. This program include the show of West Nusa Tenggara Traditional Woven Cloth that was combined with other elements and indigenous pearl as tourism art and culture potentials and also Miss Pearl Parade.

The Show of West Nusa Tenggara Traditional Woven Cloth

Some designer and fabric motive expert say that the distinctive motive of West Nusa Tenggara woven fabric has competitive advantage to be promoted in both local and international market. So far, the government has attempted to encouraged and developed the craftsman and artisan to improve the quality of the woven continuously. Therefore the products now have high quality to compete in the markets.

The beauty and the uniqueness of West Nusa Tenggara woven fabric attract 3 prominent national designer that are: Samuel Wattimena (Jakarta), Afif Syakur (Yogyakarta) and Linda (West Nusa Tenggara). The designers get attracted to design the woven to become fashionable clothes for various occasion. Expectedly from their hands, the woven from this province could eventually become the icon of Indonesian fashion, following the success of Indonesian Batik that has always been popular.

The concept of employing local product is the real practice that expected happens in every element of culture. Sapta Nirwandar, the  The Director General of Marketing for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia said that the use of this national wisdom could become the positive element of synergy which will support each other between tourism industry, travel business players, local and central government. “Therefore, it will boost the economic growth and trade which eventually bring positive impact to the community as it will also open job employment and raise their welfare.

Miss Pearl Coronation

This iconic event is another important program to expose pearl, one of the primary Indonesian commodity. The pearl breeding are located in many places in West Nusa Tenggara. At the first time, 10 Miss Pearls are selected. They are not newcomers in Indonesian tourism as they were the finalists of Miss Tourism 2008 contest.
They are:

Miss Sumatera               : Duma Sitorus
Miss Sulawesi                 : Marlin Mogigir
Miss Kalimantan             : Giana Pratidina
Miss Maluku                   : AstrelliaJeanner Selanno
Miss Bali                        : Putu Ayu Gustina
Miss Papua                     : Marcella Rumfabe
Miss DKI Jakarta             : Agnes Theresia Immanuel
Miss Yogyakarta              : Ingrid Clarissa Wisnu
Miss East Nusa Tenggara  : Rini Arba
Miss West Nusa Tenggara : Nur Fajrina

The primary duty of Miss Pearl is carrying out the responsibility as ambassadors of Lombok and Sumbawa islands in promoting Visit Lombok-Sumbawa Year 2012 and wear the pearl in every occasion of their performance. The Miss Pearls also demonstrates the Indonesian Tourism slogan. “Kenali Negerimu, Cintai Negerimu” (Know your country, love your country) that describes the richness of Indonesian natural resources, covering Natural Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Shopping Tourism, Culinary Tourism, and Marine Tourism.

In the line with Visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012 program, in his manuscript speech, the Ministe of the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, His Excellency Ir. Jero Wacik, SE said: “Lombok and Sumbawa has some potentials such as natural resources, pearl and woven products and that should be promoted as the Indonesian tourist destinations.”

The Launch of Visit Lombok Sumbawa 2012 and Opening Ceremony of IEBF 2009

Ever since the first launch of Visit Indonesian Year program in 1992 (VIY 1992), The Indonesian Culture and Tourism Department continuously sustain similar program every year to attract foreign tourists and encourage to come to many different beautiful regions of Indonesia. Many different provinces have their turn to organize similar program to promote and expose their tourist attractions every year with improving preparations from time to time.

Starting 2005, in line with the purpose of that program, The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism has professionally packaged and bundled the tourism marketing campaign in integration with MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition).

The Culture and Tourism Department innovatively organize International Ecotourism Business Forum and facilitate the meeting between buyers from foreign countries and Indonesian travel business players as sellers.
Consecutively, this forum was held in Bogor (2005), Yogyakarta (2006), Bondowoso (2007), and Palembang (2008). This program has been positively recognized to give real positive impact by all members’ tourism industry in their respective region.

This year, the International Ecotourism Business Forum will be held in Lombok on 5-6 July 2009. During those two days, the forum is attended by 25 travel business players from Indonesia and 20 prospective investors from 10 different countries such as UK, Germany, UEA, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, India, Hongkong, France, Japan. They are going to attend 3 main activities in their itinerary.

     Pre-Event Tour.
     The participants will follow a tour activity, visiting beautiful places of Lombok including the famous
     Gili islands as the centre of marine tourism and sports such as snorkeling and diving.

     Table-Top Business Forum
     It is an organized meeting that connects international and national buyers with ecotourism business
     players from West Nusa Tenggara to make negotiations and have the deal in regards to their tourism

     Workshop Discussion for Buyers and Sellers
     It is a discussion session that enables all participants to share information and their practical
     experience around the topic of ecotourism, the marketing, and ecotourism products in Indonesia.

In attempting to firmly establish West Nusa Tenggara as a province that breed pearl as national commodity, the Presiden of Republic of Indonesia, His Honorable Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the First Lady, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono symbolically will make the firs implant of the pearl core and do the harvesting.

The other supporting program is officially designating the 10 finalists of Miss Tourism 2008 as Miss Pearl. The First Lady will put the Indonesian pearl ornamented accessories “tusuk konde” to the 10 Miss Pearl’s  hair.

Various Visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012 supporting activities will be perfectly accompanied with the emergence of International Airport that is going to be fully operational in 2010. As such, this will make West Nusa Tenggara to become one of primary tourist destinations in Indonesia.
The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is very much optimistic that Visit Sumbawa-Lombok 2012, initialized by the International Ecotourism Business Forum 2009 will support West Nusa Tenggara Province in promoting its tourism product as it has also been the same with other provinces that previously organized the International Ecotourism Business Forum.

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