6% Increase in Q1 Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia

Friday, 3 May 2013 | 12558

In  March 2013 tourist arrivals to Indonesia registered a 10.13% increase compared to the same month last year, with visitors to the country showing growth two months running.


This brings arrivals for the first quarter from January through March  2013 to a total of 2,018,059, or a positive increase of 6% compared to Q1 in 2012, said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Mari  Pangestu at a recent press conference.


Reasons given for the growth was the consistent promotions done in several countries, including at the ITB Berlin, where the opening ceremony was officiated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Indonesia’s President Yudhoyono .  Similarly supporting are the additional international flights. Garuda Indonesia, for example has added flights to Taiwan and Japan that have boosted arrivals from these two countries.


6% Increase in Q1 Tourist Arrivals to Indonesia


While international statistics are indicative of positive growth, we should continue to strive to improve our tourism’s quality in terms of  extended length of stay, improved expenditure and better services, said Minister Mari Pangestu.  Indonesia’s own domestic tourism has also grown rapidly by 3% last year, which all add to the tourism sector’s contribution to our national GNP and employment.


Positive growt as seen from the Asian market include visitors from Taiwan (by 27.2%), China (2.8%), India (23.8%), Hong Kong (22.2%), and Japan (18.3%). From the ASEAN countries, increased arrivals came from Thailand (20.2%), the Philippines (19.7%), Singapore (14.5%), and Malaysia (3%).


Increases were also from Europe, with highest growth from Great Britain, with an additional 15.8%, Germany grew by 14.2%, followed by France and Russia with growth of 7.3% dan 4. 1% respectively. 


This year the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has set its target for tourist arrivals at 3 scenarios: pessimistic at 8.3  millions, moderate growth at 8.6 millions and , optimistic at 9 millions.


In 2012 international visitors to Indonesia totaled 8.044 million, an increase of 5.2% over 2011. With average length of stay and average (expenditure) at  7.7 days and  USD 1,133 per visitor per stay.


(Source: www.parekraf.go.id)