“Indonesia in My Heart” Photo Competition and Exhibition 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013 | 887

Fotografiindonesia.net, a website under the Directorate General of Art and Cultural based Creative Economy in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, is currently holding a photo Competition and Exhibition with the theme “Indonesia in My Heart”; the competition running from 16th May to 18th July.

Competing for the President of Indonesia Cup and a total prize of IDR 282.5 million, the contest is open to the public and is dividedinto three categories, namely : Students, College students, and the General Public. Each contestant must decide on which category to follow, then register accordingly, fulfilling the requirements in the said category. Each contestant can send as many as 7 (seven) of their best photographs that can reveal the beauty of their own homeland.

The Photo competition will involve some of the most renowned names in Indonesia’s photography scene to sit  as judges, including: Arbain Rambey (Senior Photographer), Agatha Anne Bunanta (international photography judge), Oscar Motuloh(Photo Journalist of Antara), Reynold Sumayku (photo editor of National Geographic Indonesia), and Ve Dhanito (conceptual photographer).

During the competition there will also be roadshows conducted to several cities to promote the show and to share some practical photography knowledge to the general public. In adiition there will also be a workshop, and the Indonesia Photo Exhibition 2013.

Indonesia, with its 34 provinces stretching over 17,000 islands is truly a country blessed with an abundance of wonders. From the fascinating natural landscapes, enchanting cultures, and wonderful people, there is always a spectacle just waiting around every corner of the archipelago.

Through the “Indonesia in my Heart” Photo Competition, it is expected that a large part of the wonders of the Indonesian Archipelago can be revealed to the world. From the amazing sunrise on Mt. Bromo to the stragne tropical underwater life in the depths of the oceans at Wakatobi, from the traditional ceremonies of Toraja to modern skyscrapers of Jakarta, from orangutans living in the wild in Tanjung Puting to the prehistoric Komodo lizards in the national park , or simply daily life in one’s own village or town.   

Website: www.fotografiindonesia.net