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Seren Taun Guru Bumi Sindangbarang

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Seren Taun Guru Bumi Sindangbarang

Posted on 7 February 2011

Sindangbarang, a village not too far from Bogor sought to restore its ancient tradition as the final procession of Seren Taun Guru Bumi took place on Monday, January 23rd , 2011. After a week full of sacred ceremonies, the procession came to a pinnacle with the harvest parade or the helaran dongdang followed by the rice mating or Majikeun Pare in the heart of the Sindangbarang Cultural Village. As a tradition that dated back to the age of Padjadjaran Kingdom, the Seren Taun Guru Bumi Ceremony was not merely a series of sacred rituals, but also a time of festivities. Villagers and crowds from everywhere could join in and mingle in this annual celebration. The celebration was also a time where nature and God are praised, cultures are honored, and wisdoms are passed down.

Photo by Andika Saputra/www.indonesia.travel.