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Story of Indonesia, Every Picture Tells A Story

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East Java’s dynamic people and awe-inspiring landscapes offer a kaleidoscope that never fails to amaze. From the spectacular dawn over the crater of Mt. Bromo to the bull races of Madura , the wild game reserve at Baluran,  and traces of Majapahit,  once one of Asia’s most powerful kingdoms,  can all be found in this province.  East Java can be enjoyed by those seeking the serenity of nature and historic monuments or those in search of adventure and exciting spectacles.

Photos by Andika Saputra/Indonesia.travel

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East Java's Dynamic People and Fabulous Scenery

Inside the comforting Becak, away from traffic congestion and the bustling city life, time moves slowly, allowing the breeze to softly accompany you as you find shade under the scorching sun ofSumenep,on the island of  Madura.

Cap Go Meh, literally meaning the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese Lunar Year, is also the last day and highlight of Chinese New Year celebrations.  In Indonesia it is by tradition celebrated in many cities that have significant number s of Chinese communities.

Starting from the 30th day of the 12th month of the past year, the Cap Go Meh celebrations in Bandung, West Java, was one of the most important events for the Chinese population here. Historical districts where they first settled in Bandung became the venue for the event, where the parade was held along  the popular Chinatown area around the Kelenteng Street district. For Bandung, the festivity this year was the most fantastic Cap Go Meh ever held in the past 52 years. Similar festivities also took place several kilometers away in the tranquil city of Sukabumi. More than a hundred colourful barongsai and liongs – dragons and lions - livened up the celebrations with thousands of spectators flocking to the main street taking part in the fanfare. With the spirit of growing in wisdom and love within a healthy and prosperous city environment, the celebrations of Cap Go Meh in both cities showed both sincere devotion to the Almighty, as well as harmony among people of different ethnic groups. 

Photos no 1-21 by Anggun Nugraha, 22-24 by Mario Leonard, and 25-32 by Veronica Lilian.

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The Grandest Celebrated Cap Go Meh in the past 52 years

The amazing rarely-seen blue liong, the mythical dragon, was noisily paraded along the Kelenteng Street in Bandung, West Java. During this Cap Go Meh celebration or the 15th day of festivity in the first month of the Chinese lunar year, - which in Indonesia is called imlek, - 20 liong (dragons) were spiritedly paraded.