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Lotus Bayview

Dining on a distinct blend of the world’s varied cuisines including Asian and European specialties with an Italian accent, along with a wide selection of beverages, surrounded by lotus flowers and Indonesian antiques, and an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere this is what will await you at our restaurants.

Tropicana Grand Cafe & Gosip Night Spot

+62 (370) 69343



Senggigi Square Blok A No 09 West Lombok NTB 83355 Indonesia PO BOX 183 Senggigi

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This in an invitation to join us for a meal in the Colonial Splendor of Grand Café where our mottos are: "Good Food, Well Cooked". "The price you see is the price you pay" (No Government tax and service charge). Our extensive menu covers both local and international appetites and in our modern kitchen we have only the traditional wood fired pizza oven in Lombok.

Oasis Restaurant

(62-21) 3150646


Jalan Raden Saleh no. 47 Jakarta Pusat

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At the OASIS we make you feel welcome. Our Doorman will escort you to the lamplit Entrance Hall, where you will be spellbound by the richness of color around you and the music of a Sundanese gamelan. A large ceremonial gong will be struck to sound your arrival, and ladies will be handed a corsage.
Our Maitre d’ will greet you and accompany you across the broad sweep of the Kalimantan Room to your dining table, or to the privacy of one of the Raja Rooms, or-as you wish-to the exotic atmosphere of the Topeng Bar, richly arrayed with dance masks of Indonesia and graced with paintings by the distinguished Indonesian artist, Hendra. Feel the ambience of the OASIS drawing you back in time - back to the era of the Great Plantations in Asia, and to the ease of wealth and gracious living of the period between the Great Wars.
The OASIS RESTAURANT is housed in a grand two-storey mansion built in 1928
as the private residence in the Dutch East Indies of the millionaire, F.Brandenburg van Oltsende; the owner of extensive tea, rubber and cinchona estates. Great teakwood beams span the ceilings of the room, high above a sweeping checkerboard of gleaming white and black tiles. The strong colors are softened by incandescent wall lamps and the flood of light from magnificent crystal chandeliers, and by an enormous backlit, stained-glass window designed by the Dutch artist Robert Deppe. It depicts the Dutch humanist, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466 - 1536), astride a horse, and the family coat of arms. With such opulence it is not surprising that the mansion
was chosen by the last Governor General of the Dutch East Indies as his unofficial residence during World War II. It also became the post-war residence of the United States Naval Attache. The residence, with its beautiful garden, provided a glamorous setting for the annual Marine Ball. In 1970 the mansion gained a new lease of life as one of the finest restaurants in Indonesia : the OASIS RESTAURANT. We would be honored to have you dine with us.

Dapur Babah Elite

(62-21) 7060225


Jalan Veteran 1, Jakarta Pusat

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Dapur Babah, the first culinary outing by Indonesia's acclaimed Tugu Hotels Group, is set in a pair of refurbished 1940s shophouses located just off the city's central Merdeka Square on Jalan Veteran 1. This historic location was once one of old Batavia 's most fashionable streets, with most of its buildings owned by a rich sheik from Jemen. The restaurant exudes a floating out-of-the-world kind of romance from its every single corner, filled with beautiful artworks.

Dapur Babah specializes in “Babah” cuisine, original recipes derived from the cross-cultural marriage of Chinese settlers and native Javanese women that emerged in the colonial area. Recipes and ingredients have been thoroughly researched from around the island, creating a medley of classic Peranakan specialties.

Anhar Setjadibrata, owner of Tugu Hotels and a long-time collector of Indonesian antiques, with daughter Lucienne, designed the restaurant and adjoining bar to capture the rich nuances of early-20 th -century Java. The result is a menagerie of period mementoes and paraphernalia, such as reclaimed teak furniture, rustic housewares (scales, meat grinders, pestles and mortars), and the signboard advertising Hap Liong Tailor, the shophouses original tenant. Rooms are painted in bold pastel-crayon combinations of red and green, black and red, purple and blue, while stone statues of Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist gods smile down on dinners.

All of these aspects of the culture are celebrated at Dapur Babah, which is elegantly decorated with photos of prominent Babah families, some fabulously wealthy, such as the powerful sugar baron Oei Tiong Ham and many other artifacts of the colonial period, such as bulky VOC emblem from the 17 th century and a room separator from the Ming dynasty. At the back of the establishment is a semi-open terrace, inspired by the kitchen of the Babah Oei family, with a statue of a kitchen goddess, old Chinese glass lanterns and other kitchen utensils from the period.

Café Batavia

[62-21] 691 553


Jalan Pintu Besar Utara 141/Taman Fatahillah, Taman Sari, West Jakarta

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Authentic. It's what every theme restaurant wants to be. Since its 1993 two-years restoration. Cafe Batavia's authentic decor, celebrity visitors, fun parties and fine food have become world famous. The cafe is housed in an early 19th century two storey building, the second oldest on historic Fatahillah Square. Over the years it has served variously as a residence warehouse, office and more recently, as a coffee shop and art gallery. Dinner, a Monday night fashion show, a Saturday afternoon wedding, private parties: it all happens at the cafe. It's the place for a client or family dinner, a company cocktail party, a product launch or a class reunion and of course, a romantic dinner for two.

Waroeng Shanghai Blue 1920

(62-21) 391 869



Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya 79 Jakarta Pusat - Indonesia

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The glamorous ambience of Batavia back in the 1920’s is bound to be more perfect if the palate is seduced and the wildest imagination is provoked with a wide selection of nostalgic cuisine.

Imagine a mischievous city.....
When the urban skies turned pitch-dark, its dwellers rushed to seek comfort in bars and tea houses, as if their lives depended on it.

Was it really a sin to amuse oneself to overlook sorrows for a little while?
Was it considered a crime to indulge in singing and dancing to the inviting tunes in an overcrowded,  smoke-filled room?
Was it wrong to flirt with a wink of an eye and naughty lyrics? The city was Batavia. The year was 1920.
And that was a part of romantic stories that...

Lara Jonggrang

(62-21) 3153252



Jl. Teuku Tjik Ditiro 4, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

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A legend of such charisma, that reproduces itself in dreams of the owner and creator of Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas. Following his earlier inspirations that have resulted in the indigenuously exquisite Hotel Tugu Bali, Hotel Tugu Malang (East Java), Hotel Tugu Blitar (East Java), and Dapur Babah the Babah Kitchen (Jakarta), the creator dreams of living in the ninth century-Java, surrounded by the magical beauty of the Candi Prambanan (the Prambanan Temple). A surrounding where the legend Lara Djonggrang was born...

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

(62-21) 7194658



Jalan Kemang Raya 110A, Kemang Jakarta Selatan


021 726 5112


Jl. Adityawarman No.47 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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Meradelima, It is a lifestyle venue: a meeting point for Jakarta's urban crowd to rediscover a stylish and yet simple way of dining out. Strong visual appearance and the pulsating beat of the venue, authentic peranakan taste of by finest selection of fresh produces.

IndoChine Jakarta

+62 21 30030330


Jl. Jend. Sudirman-Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

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On nights when entertaining of friends, family or VIPs are in order, look no further than IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub which, in the evening, serves up an impressive selection of authentic "nutriceutical" Indochinese cuisine. With guests happily fed, IndoChine Restaurant + SupperClub then transforms into the perfect after-dinner venue for more cocktails and great company.