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Amigos Resto

021-7591 5030



Pondok Piang Centre Blok C46-48 Jakarta Selatan, Ciputat Raya 12310

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Established in 1979, Amigos is a place where businessmen, families and the actively young are all seen gathering at all hours of the day enjoying a cool frozen margarita while savoring mouth watering authentic tex-Mex dishes.

Arabusta Coffee

(62-21) 2358-0699



FD 1 - 07, 3A Floor, West Mall Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Arabusta was established to fulfill the desire of the lovers and coffee drinkers to enjoy coffee with a distinctive taste and unique. For that, Arabusta Coffee chose Indonesian coffee beans with the best quality, and combined with the method of compounding or making coffee the most appropriate, so as to produce a unique taste of coffee.

Angke Restaurant

(021) 458-66333


Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading Square, Jakarta Utara, 14240

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"By retaining hereditary recipes and taste delicious Hakka cuisine and unique. Restaurant Angke always try to create and make improvements both in taste, menu variety, management, and even service and service to customers. " Thus expressed by "Peter Leeansyah", Managing Director Angke, the second generation of the family of Hon Po.

Bakmi Gang Kelinci

021 - 35 22288



Jl. Kelinci Raya No. 1-3 Pasar Baru Jakarta Pusat 10710

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Bakmi Gang Kelinci is Indonesia’s leading noodles restaurant serving a variety of delicious noodle dishes and is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. It is ranked as the most popular among noodle outlets spread across the nation, producing the greatest tasting and authentic noodles and other variety of fine foods using the finest quality ingredients.

Plenty - Delicious - Economical is the motto of Bakmi Gang Kelinci which we live up to in providing the best services and value for money to all our customers. We are proud to preserve the unrivalled quality and originality of our noodles, while at the same time leverage on our creative expertise in food and beverage to introduce new range of delightful dishes which continues to excite our loyal customers. We already have an extensive range of meat/vegetable entrees, and a variety of rice plates. Quality is the key to our success at Bakmi Gang Kelinci as we combine tasty, fresh and nutritious dishes in a simple setting with value for money.

Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta Restaurant was established on December 23, 2001 with initial capacity seating only about 200 seats, later developed into 400 seats in 2004, and until now to 1,000 seats.

Bandar Djakarta concept is a restaurant that serves a wide range of seafood and is located on the seashore of East Ancol area.

The specialty of Bandar Djakarta is to have its own fish market, where visitors can choose variety of different marine species they want to eat with a wide range of special sauce concoction Bandar Djakarta.

Wien Cafe

62-21-572 5686


Plaza Senayan 4th floor

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"In the 90's while American franchise was booming. We wanted something different."

As the owner of PT Puri Inti Rasa, Paulus Indra started to make his proposal to many of European embassy for the opportunity to open a new franchise of their cafés. The Austrian Embassy was the first to respond.

So, in 1995 he went to Austria to overlook the café concept in Vienna.
Over 2 years, Paulus Indra searched for the best concept and the best food in capital city of Austria.

Dapur Solo

021.640 5812



Dapur Solo, Sunter Jl. Danau Sunter Utara R 35-37 Jakarta Utara

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Nasi Langgi Kuning is our special menu. Steamed rice with coconut milk and special spices, served a lots variant of sidedish such as ayam goreng, sambal goreng ati, terik, serundeng, kering kentang, telur dadar, Dapur Solo is authentic Javanese food restaurant. If you are fanatics of foods with traditional taste, Dapur Solo is your only choice. We provide so many high quality Javanese cuisines; serve in modern environment and you can get it with affordable price.

Dapur Sunda


Jl. Cipete Raya No. 13, Jakarta Selatan

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Dapur Sunda was founded in 1986 by H. Ansoroeddin and the whole family, and reputation Dapur Sunda Cipete first since standing family restaurant. After several years of booming business and increased sales has managed to open eight branches spread throughout Jakarta. Therefore, it can be said Dapur Sunda contributed to the economic development especially for the city of Jakarta and Indonesia in general

Dapur Sunda has more than 300 employees, recently a branch in North Jakarta Dapur Sundan there are two branches, and a new branch opened at the Mall Of Indonesia (MOI) and the other is in Ivory Food City, located
Mall next to La Piazza.

Hacienda Mexican Bar And Grill




Plaza Senayan Arcadia X-105

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Hacienda Mexican Bar&Grill's Chef Gerardo serves up Jakarta's finest Mexican cuisine, margaritas ang signature tequila cocktails. Hacienda is conveniently located in Plaza Senayan Arcadia in Unit X-105.

Happy Day Restaurant

(021) 385 8245



Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 19, Jakarta Pusat - 10120

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Having great interest in cooking and tasting delicious meal, founder of Happy Day were anxious to find the right path to develop it. One day, he met two Swiss people experienced in handling restaurant. Hence after, his dream was starting to come true.