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Gedung INBIS (Inkubator Bisnis) Universitas Brawijaya Jl. Veteran No. 10-11 Malang (sebelah Malang Town Square (Matos), depan SMAN 8 Malang)

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We are here to carry the hallmark of Malang in souvenir products such as T / t-shirts, mugs, pins, key chains, and the like especially for visitors from out of town as well as bona fide citizens of Malang.





Jl. Ahmad yani no.6/1212,Plaju,Palembang

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Our Dear Customer,

Since 2006 we believed to assist in providing Souvenir. Special wedding gift, birthday souvenirs, Promotional Gifts and Gift.Dengan give priority to quality and satisfaction with products that are not sold on the market. Thus produced is a unique souvenir. We provide wholesale and retail (according to the stock if retail).

Design We always something new. And we serve a custom design. We Specialist Souvenir present in Jakarta and Palembang. Contact our Customer Service immediately:)





Jl. Swadaya II, No. 72A Tanjung Barat, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Our company

SOUVENIA stood since December 2006. Start with the brand 'Dream Souvenir'. On January 1, 2008 SOUVENIA dream turned into a souvenir.

SOUVENIA focus on a wedding gift, promotional and gift. With a product that is not the market, marketnya are people who are already very saturated market and bored with bulk goods. With it SOUVENIA always issued once every 2 weeks of innovation in the form of a new product.

Iwak Digital

031. 5029403



JL. Gubeng Kertajaya 5c No.45 Surabaya

Beach House Creations

62 - 361 - 766442



Bali, Indonesia Jl. Werkudara 526 Legian Kaja 80361

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Beach House Creations is an exclusive swimwear, resort wear company offering only the highest quality original products to our cliental. Australian born Cara is the principal designer - with over 20 years residence in resort islands from the Caribbean to Bali, & more than 12 years in production, our products are well tested & well suited to the stylish individual.

Beach House Creations takes the same principals of fanciful cut, exquisite workmanship and unexpected handmade detailing and applies it to the most chic swimwear and accessories collections.  

Beach House Creations offers a unique vision in swimwear & resort wear. Exotic materials, such as shell, beads, wood and stone are combined in the most unexpected ways. Naturally, in keeping with Beach House Creations™ philosophy, there are no endangered elements adorning any of the swimwear. So, stylish resort goes can practice one-upmanship and still be environmentally correct.

Gaya Art Space

+62 361 979252



Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud Bali, Indonesia 80571

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Like the archipelago in which it stands, Gaya is an organic fusion of different islands of art and culture. Art Space, Restaurant, Villas and Spa, Ceramic and Design, Gelato - each remains true to itself, but together they create synergies, hidden connections, the unexpected. They re-integrate art with life and bring together interesting people from around the world, while re-investing all profits into dreams that become projects that become events that change lives.

Discovery Shopping Mall

+62 361 755522


Kartika Plasa Stret, Kuta - Bali

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For shopping and simply loving life, The Discovery Mall is your ultimate entertaiment destination. From your favourite boutiques and restaurants, to free live entertaiment in The Mall, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other in Bali. Come live the magic of The Discovery Shopping Mall.

Sourcing Bali

62 361 7448025



Jl Gunung Salak 31A Kerobokan, 80361 Indonesia

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SOURCING BALI  is the Trading Name of PT Sourcing Bali  - established in 2000 - supporting the needs of overseas buyers of Indonesian products. We cater to private buyers, hotels, resorts, interior decorators, professional meeting planners, wholesalers and retailers of home wares, furnishings, clothing etc.

Sourcing Bali is based on the beautiful island of Bali. We provide the professional buyer with complete product sourcing service for a diverse range of Indonesian products. Whether from your design or from our catalogue, for quality, reliability and service, contact SOURCING BALI.

Sourcing Bali is committed to promoting high quality products at the best prices. We aim to provide a platform for thousands of skillful people, many of who live in remote villages and who do not have direct access to the market to sell their goods.

Plaza Bali

Opened in 1991, Plaza Bali offers a unique shopping experience. Blending elements of the exuberant Balinese culture with comfortable relaxed surroundings, friendly multi-lingual staff and a world of other services. Plaza Bali offers an exciting holiday attraction that you won't soon forget. It's more than just shopping, it's an experience!

We are a truly Indonesian company, but our award-winning standards of service and quality are internationally renowned. With offices around Indonesia and also in Japan, our after-sales attention and money-back guarantee ensure that our customers are satisfied every time, because you deserve it.

Cultural performances at our downtown location bring a dash of the colorful, lively Balinese culture to you, while dining is a pleasure at any of our restaurants and coffee shops. Or you could just relax and absorb the tranquil atmosphere of our landscaped gardens? Then there's our photo service, dance school, nail art, internet cafe and much much more, all designed to help you get the most out of your holiday.

Koperasi Kerajinan Tenun Ikat

(0565) 21098



Jl. Kelam No.8, Kelurahan Tanjung Puri, Kab. Sintang 78611, Kalimantan Barat Indonesia,

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Joint Business Group (KUB) pre Sintang Dayak Ikat weaving cooperative beginning on the date, May 9, 2000, then on August 1, 2001 establishment of cooperative management and the signing of the articles of association of cooperatives. And officially incorporated Dayak Ikat Weaving Crafts Cooperative by the name "Weaving Self Service" on, tgl. October 30, 2001 with the cooperative corporation no.: 132/BH/X.