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Celebes Divers & Mopia

+62 431 826582



Jl. Tanawangko PO box 1014 Kalasey

Eco Divers

(+62) 431 826833



Mokupa Jaga I Kec. Tombariri - Manado, North Sulawesi 95351 - Indonesia

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In Manado, our dive center at Minahasa Lagoon is based on the highest levels of comfort, value, safety and environmental responsibility. The Resort has earned a reputation for offering an outstanding holiday experience being set in an unspoilt location away from the crowds.

Dive with Eco Divers and you're guaranteed a unique and memorable holiday experience.

ReefSeen Aquatic

+62 812 3894051



Desa Pemuteran, Gerokgak, Singaraja North Bali, Indonesia

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Welcome to Reef Seen Aquatics...

Home of ‘Reef Seen Turtle Hatchery’, ‘Reef Seen Dancers’ & the ‘Reef Gardeners of Pemuteran”

Does diving and snorkeling appeal to you? Or perhaps taking a holiday in a peaceful, hassle free environment, with colourful, coral reefs and fishlife commencing just 20metres from the beach? If yes is your answer then you are ready for North-West Bali & Reef Seen Aquatics Dive Centre. 

World-class diving and incredible snorkeling apart, we offer calm beaches, loads of sunshine, fascinating culture, pony rides for the children, all to be found here in the Village of Pemuteran, North-West Bali, and not a hawker in sight.

Our choice of Pemuteran was dictated not just by its virgin locales but also by its friendly people. The villagers of Pemuteran are wonderful people both friendly and caring. As the founder of Reef Seen and dive tourism in the area, I have been working with the local community in an effort to enhance their lives through Eco-Friendly practices and education.

Sea Rovers Dive Center




Hotel Adi Assri, Pemuteran, Gergokgak, Singaraja

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Just imagine you are on the deck of the dive boat, just a small group of divers and snorkelers, skipping across the sheltered waters of North West Bali towards Menjangan Island, with the volcanoes of East Java like sentinels in the distance.

As you get closer, the colour of the water changes from deep blue, to crystal clear turquoise as the diveboat slows and stops you start to see the colours of the coral, you can see the myriad of different fish.

Your heart beat increases with anticipation as you gear up and check. The dive master says remember, just take your time, relax and enjoy.

You step over the side into that water as it closes over you it feels almost luxurious, warm. As you drop down the colours really start to appear and the corals come into focus. Maybe you look up to see your family snorkeling above you and you wave as you descend.

Drifting along a wall stopping to watch and photograph a bright nudibranch. The Divemaster asks you to check your air, because the pace is so easy, you have plenty, you carry on exploring, the divemaster points out a ghost pipe fish, how did he see that? Remember he has been diving here for years.

Something flashing blue in a crevice catches your eye. What is it? You take a photo.

As you move up movement catches your eye, children wave frantically at you pointing along the reef. Looking up the colours become even brighter and you see a turtle resting in the coral gardens that open up before your eyes. Different colonies all living in harmony in this fantastic almost magical world - just part of the Sea Rovers experience

So if you're someone looking for a bit of high adventure and undersea treasures, then sign yourself aboard Matey, cos there's diving & snorkeling to be done!

Yos Marine Adventure (Pemuteran Branch)

+62 813 3877 9941



Pemuteran Village

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With almost 20 years experience in the marine business on the island, we are always ready to assist you to have a tailor made Daily Dive Trips, Dive Package, Dive Safari, PADI Dive Courses, and Individual Dive Trips.


YOS Marine Adventures is registered as an active member of the PADI International Resort Association. The main operation based in Tanjung Benoa Regency of Nusa Dua.


YOS Marine Adventures has been appointed by many leading hotels and resorts in Bali to provide introductory Discover Scuba Diving at their pool in order to augment and enhance their existing In-house recreational programs.

Buni Ayu Adventure & Training




Pasir Slamet No. 15, PERUM BPR Naggeleng Sukabumi 43145 West Java.

Talenta Outbound and Adventure

+62 21-78832744



Tb. Simatupang (Jl. Jati Padang Raya) No. 4, Ps.Minggu Jak-Sel 12540

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Talenta Adventure adalah salah satu Divisi dari Talenta Outbound Indonesia. Guna mendukung kegiatan Outbound Training dari Talenta Outbound, Talenta Adventur menyelenggarakan kegiatan rafting ( Arung Jeram ) di Sukabumi ( sungai cicatih dan citarik). Kegiatan rafting ( arung jeram ) dapat juga dipadukan dengan kegiatan Outbound training dan Paintball. Rafting / Arung jeram dapat juga di mainkan baik dengan per-orangan maupun institusi/organisasi.


(021) 769 9016 – 17 (hunting)


Kompleks Perkantoran D’ Best Blok C/7 Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya No. 15 Gandaria Selatan Jakarta Selatan 12420 Indonesia

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Berdiri pada tanggal 1 April 1996, PT. SARANA RIAM JERAM yang dimotori oleh penggiat arung jeram Aranyacala Trisakti, adalah kelompok usaha yang mengemas dunia petualangan menjadi kegiatan alternatif yang sangat menarik dan unik untuk refreshing dan hiburan bagi eksekutif dan kawula muda dari rutinitas sehari-hari. Sekaligus pilihan yang tepat untuk reuni dan liburan keluarga.


Dipilihnya Sungai Cicatih di daerah Sukabumi, selain pemandangan alamnya yang indah juga jeram-jeramnya sangat menantang untuk diarungi dan terjaminnya aliran air dari dua sumber yaitu Gunung Salak dan Gunung Gede Pangrango. Disana dapat dijumpai fauna yang hidup disepanjang sungai dan juga berbagai flora yang membuat keadaaan alamnya begitu mempesona.


Tingkat kesulitan Sungai Cicatih serta jeramnya sangatlah bervariasi, mulai dari tingkat kesulitan atau “grade I sampai grade IV”. Namun masih dalam kategori aman untuk diarungi sekalipun untuk pemula.


Pada perkembangan selanjutnya PT. Sarana Riam Jeram mengembangkan pelayanannya kepada klien (pengguna jasa) dengan membuka divisi baru “Oudoor Activity” pada bulan Oktober 2001, yang menyediakan beberapa paket kegiatan aktivitas alam terbuka, seperti Rafting Plus, Camping, Corporate Outing, Family Gathering, dan Outdoor Manajemen Training, serta beberapa aktivitas alam lainnya. Aktivitas tersebut dirancang sesuai dengan keinginan pengguna jasa, dan merupakan rekreasi alternatif yang diharapkan dapat bermanfaat dengan tidak melupakan ‘safety procedure’.


Dalam kerangka training, divisi Outdoor Activity telah melakukan fasilitasi dan konsultasi program pelatihan dengan berbagai tema, seperti : Team Building Development, High Performance Team Workshop. Dan tidak tertutup kemungkinan untuk memfasilitasi pengguna jasa dengan tema lainnya sesuai dengan keinginan / kebutuhan perusahaan.

Luxurious camping

We provide "Luxury Experience" by indulging all your senses simultaneously in doing outdoor activities. Situgunung Park is a place for various outdoor activities in Indonesia's tropical rain forests.

Let’s Go For It.

From Wonder Into Wisdom.

Its presence is just below the foot of Mount Gede Pangranggo at altitudes between 950-1175 meters above sea level presents its own natural wealth. Flora and fauna in it as well as the existing landscape allows us to explore, in the form of adventure and conservation as well.

Situ Gunung Park formerly known as Situ Gunung Natural Park is located in the village of mount Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.Situ Gunung Park formerly known as Natural Park is located in the village of Situ Gunung Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Currently, an area of 250ha is managed profesional.Resort Pangrango Mount Gede National Park in the south has a steep valleys, Situgunung lake, several waterfalls and rivers that flow decorated with natural stones. And of course the tropical rain forest - along with the flora and fauna - are well maintained. Various options adventure tours such as River tubing, canoeing Lake, Rope Course, trekking and wildlife observation are packaged in an attractive form. In addition, conservation activities such as Adopt a Tree, Community Development, Waste Management, microhydro and Volunteer Program also has been and will be running. Open the opportunity for you to get personally involved, organization or company for conservation projects in the region.



0542-873270, +6281254200333



Jl. Ruhui Rahayu No. 11 RT.12 RSS Damai Ring Road Balikpapan 76114