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Bali Tours & Travel Guide

Welcome to Nakbali.com, Bali tours and travel guide site. It is about what we feel and see in our island, the beautiful Bali, Consisting of images and stories about people, Bali culture and nature, art and performance, Balinese ceremonies and daily life, Bali landscape as well as what we can offer you to experience. Able to share the beauty and uniqueness of Bali always make we proud.

We offers best established world class Bali Tours services for your holiday and vacation in Bali. Very flexible tours itinerary and very much based on your interest and it will be a great pleasure to organize your tours itinerary, We cover from cultural tours, activities to adventure extreme landscape, Bali trekking, Bali cycling, water sport adventure, cruise, 4WD land cruise tours and beyond Bali overland tours.

Join us and lets explore the truly Bali...

Pantara Tour




Jl. M. Yamin No 105, Padang 25118, West Sumatera - Indonesia

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The province includes large areas of dense tropical forest, which is home to a host of species including: Rafflesia arnoldii (world's largest flower), Sumatran Tiger, Siamang, Malayan tapir, Sumatran Serow, Rusa Deer, Malayan Sun Bear, Bornean Clouded Leopard, and many birds and butterflies.

Bali Indonesia Tours




Ruko Wana Segara No. 12A Jl. Wana Segara, Kuta - BALI

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ADVENTURE INDONESIA, a registered trademark and licensed Indonesia tour operator. We are member of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Headquarter International Membership No. 584172, base in Bali and Jakarta. We are offering everything you require to book your accommodation or tours in Bali and Indonesia.

PT. Amertha Dana



Warkudara St. (Ex. Pura Bagus Taruna) No. 514 Legian Kaja, Kuta - Bali - Indonesia

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PT. Amertha Dana provide and arranging Rent Car, Motor Bike hire and Tours Booking needed for a Holiday or Business.in Kuta -Bali. Let's enjoy your trip at Paradise island of Bali. We offering services for pick-up at the airport or delivery to your places where you stay and collect it again. All of our cars, motorcycle are the latest edition  for Rent and well maintained to make sure your satisfaction and  with resonable comparison price.
for payment you can pay in us $ or with Visa ,master card, and american express

Acacia Tour & Travel




Salakan Lor No. 13, Rt. 01 Rw. 04, Bangunharjo, Sewon, Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Borobudur is the greatest budhist monument in the world was built in the 8 century. The monument was built 400 years before the greatest catedral was built in Europe and 300 years before Angkor Vat in Camboja. At least 2,5 million visitors visits the monument each year, therefore visit it is a must. Borobudur Monument is located 42 kilometers north-west of Yogyakarta and Prambanan temple just 17 kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Prambanan temple is the most beautiful hindhus temple in Indonesia was built in 9 century. As tourist destination, Yogyakarta is famous both overseas and domestic .

Many cultural Performances could be found here such as : Puppet, Ramayana Ballet, Many dances and Jatilan. Beaches : Baron, Kukup, Krakal, Parangtritis. Temples : Prambanan, Sari, Sambisari, Kalasan, Plaosan, Boko, Bubrah, Ijo. Handycraft : Silver, Batik, Mask, Bamboo, Furniture and Leather. Museum : Sonobudoyo, Affandi, Vredeburg, Kakayon, Ullen Sentalu. Traditional Ceremony : Sekaten, Grebeg, Labuhan, Saparan, Tumpak Wajik. Hidden trek is kept by Yogyakarta. A wonderful sunrise from Suroloyo hill is amazing experience or Boko sunset trekking unforgetable memory. Yogyakarta is not only cultural city but also education city. Gajah Mada University [UGM] is the oldest university in Indonesia was established in 1949 and now with 18 faculties. Yogyakarta has about 30 private universities, 70 courses & diploma, 10 government universities and 4 states universities.

Yogyakarta is really melting pot or miniature of Indonesia and you can find mostly tribes in Indonesia here. Come and find uniqueness of Yogyakarta society. Travelling to Indonesia is not complete yet before visiting and exploring Yogyakarta. Acacia Tour & Travel as a travel agent will help you to design and arrange your tour needs.

Rebecca Tour & Travel




Jl. Menukan Gg. Batik Kelik No. 13 Karangkajen Yogyakarta Indonesia

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  Yogyakarta was center of Mataram both Hindhu and Islam had been played important role in supporting and encouraging civilization. Yogyakarta is one of old city in Indonesia kept mystery in the past. The word of Yogyakarta derives from the name of the great Javanese kingdom “Ngayogyakarta hadiningrat” that was found in 1756. The “Yogyakarta” or “Yogya” for short is usually pronounced both by Indonesia and foreigner. Jogjakarta called as student city because almost 30% of its inhabitant is student. They are not only native inhabitant but also outsider one. They come from outside of Jogjakarta like : Surabaya, Jakarta, Medan, Makasar, Tokyo , London, New York etc. Yogyakarta has more than 100 higher education institution and Gajahmada university [UGM] is the oldest university in Indonesia was found in 1949.
        Jogjakarta called as culture city, because many cultural activities held in this city like: Art of painting, art of music and art of dance. Jogjakarta called as tourism city, because many tourist attraction can be found here like Temple: Prambanan, Sari, Sambisari, Kalasan, King Boko, Bayunibo, Lumbung, Sewu, Bubrah, Plaosan and Ijo. Beach: Parangtritis, Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Drini. Handycraft: Silver, Batik, Earthenware, Mask, Bamboo, Furniture and Leather. Museum: Sonobudoyo, Affandi, Kakayon and Vredeburg. Highland: Merapi volcano, Kaliurang, resort, and Suroloyo hill. Traditional Ceremony: Sekaten, Grebeg maulud, Labuhan, Saparan, Tumpak wajik. Cultural Performance: Shadow puppet play, Dance, Jatilan, and Ramayana ballet. Come and find uniqueness, friendliness Yogyakarta society.
        Tour to Indonesia
is not complete yet before visiting and exploring Yogyakarta. Tour to Yogyakarta, we take care of all the detail of your trip so that you can travel with complete place of mind. Rebecca Tour & Travel as a travel agent always will help you to design and arrange your tour needs.

PT. Haryono Tours & Travel




JL. Thamrin No. 89 Semarang 50133

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the key strength
Today with total staff of 145, it operates from its head office in Surabaya with branch offices in Surabaya itself, Malang, Semarang and Jakarta. It creates a team of experienced and friendly staff. The key management team represents more than 15 years of
tourism experience.

Iwata Travel

+62 21 782 9425


Jl. Sultan Agung No. 58 D Jakarta , Indonesia

Bima Sena Wisata Tour & Travel




Jl Sunaryo No 5 ( Gedung Bimo ) Kotabaru Yogyakarta

Sumatran Surfariis



Hotel Batang Arau - Jalan Batang Arau #33, Padang 25118, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Welcome in Padang, our guide will meet you at the airport, City Tour in Padang, Padang Beach, Museum, Siti Nurbaya Bridge, China Town, old town, Top of Ladang Padi check in at the hotel, lunch and dinner at local restaurant.