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Posted On:
13 July 2012

Posted By
Herlan Eland Jaelani

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Nature Artworks Around Sukabumi, West Java

Posted on : 13 July 2012
Categories : Travelings

From the picturesque slopes of lush Mt. Gede-Mt. Pangrango National Park to the scenic southern coastline of Cimaja and Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi is a land blessed with the pristine beauty of nature.

During the Dutch colonial days, the town of Sukabumi and its surroundings was the favored place for rich Dutch tea planters because of its beautiful tropical scenery and cool climate. In 1914 the Dutch Colonial government established a Gemeente or municipality in Sukabumi since many wealthy European and Dutch families lived in this region.

To Sukabumi’s south the land slopes down all the way to the Indian Ocean where lies the town of Pelabuhan Ratu, originally a fishing village now a tourist resort. Further south and away from all the complexity of modern world is the secluded shore of Ujung Genteng. Here, aside from exhilarating waves, one can also gaze at the unspoiled beauty of nature in its fascinating landscape and spectacular sunset.

Located roughly about 5 hours from Jakarta, the splendor of Sukabumi is truly something worth visiting.

All photo taken by Herlan Jaelani.

The lemon yellow sun radiates brilliant bright red color across the afternoon sky as it descends over the horizon off the coast of Rancabuaya; a truly magnificent sight.

Nature paints its finest artwork as the sun lurks behind the hanging clouds of Ujung Genteng’s afternoon sky.

Silhouetted by the brilliant sunset, the fishermen of Pelabuhan Ratu are preparing to venture to the Indian Ocean.

With its gallantly thunderous sounds, waves crash onto the rocks of Karanghawu’s shore as the sun disappears in the horizon.

When clouds posed enchantingly over the shoreline of a Cisolok sunset.

Serene lake, lush green forest, and nothing but the sounds of nature; a perfect picture of tranquility atSitugunung.

Among the lush forest of Situgunung, Curug Sawer is truly refreshing; visually and physically.