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Posted On:
30 November 2012

Posted By
Cailin O'Neil

Categories :
Adventure - Hiking, Trekking, and Eco


A trip to Komodo National Park

Posted on : 30 November 2012
Categories : Adventure - Hiking, Trekking, and Eco

A trip to Komodo National Park

Before my trip to Indonesia I had heard of the famous Komodo Island and the Komodo Dragons that lived there. I didn’t however realize that there was such a thing as Komodo National Park and that it occupied the “Komodo Islands” which consists of 3 big islands and several smaller ones in the area where Komodo dragons live and it is the only area in the world where they live in the wild.

The islands are Komodo, Rinca, and Padar and on our two night visit to the area we were able to visit the first two islands. Rinca is where we visited on the first day. Before making our way there I had heard that the dragons are attracted to blood and can smell it from 18kms away. The previous week in Borneo I had gotten a crazy bug bite on my leg that had now turned into an open wound. This worried me about the Komodo Dragons.

If you have any open wounds or for women if its “that time of the month” make sure you inform a ranger so that they can be aware and protect you. Also the bigger the group you travel in the better as it hides the smell of the blood, the more people you are with.

A trip to Komodo National Park

The first couple of dragons that we saw were stationary and not moving much. One was skinny and the second one was chubby and we had learned it had just killed and eaten a buffalo the day before. A full Komodo Dragon is one that is less likely to attack you. I preferred this one much more than the skinny one. We went on a hike around part of the island with the rangers, however I only went half way because of a previous ankle injury. The views of the ocean and other islands was gorgeous as was the island itself.

A trip to Komodo National Park

Lunch was prepared for us on the island and we ate at the rangers station. While there we also were taken to see a wild Komodo Dragon with two broken arms that he had injured when fighting with another dragon. When things like this happen in Komodo National Park they let nature take its course and not interfere or try to help the dragons. He was kind of sad looking. While there I was also able to interview a ranger who a few years previous had been attacked by a Komodo Dragon and survived. It was very interesting to hear his story and to learn more about him for the time being you will just have to visit my site.

A trip to Komodo National Park

The second day of trip to the Komodo Islands we went to Komodo Island itself. As we stepped off the boats we were met by rangers and walked towards the ranger station. On our way we noticed many deer hanging around that didn’t seem afraid of us or any Komodo Dragons. This was something that we hadn’t seen on the previous island.

Immediately I could tell that this island had more Komodo Dragons than the previous, that or I was becoming paranoid that they were all going to attack me and have me for lunch. We hung out on a raised platform while a few Komodo dragons walked around and sniffed the air curious to who we were. There was a small fight between two of them and as everyone hung off the side of the platform to take pictures I stayed back, fearful of this dinosaur like creatures until we were ready to leave again.

At no point were any of us in harms way however just the idea of what could happen and knowing what has happened to others in the passed just kept me freaked out the whole time we were around the Komodo Dragons. It was definitely an experience that I am happy to say I can check off my bucket list however it is also something that I don’t want to experience again any time soon.

A trip to Komodo National Park

A trip to Komodo National Park

Komodo Island and the National Park isn’t all just scary dragons however, on one side of Komodo Island, the side where they say “The dragons never come here” is the famous pink beach. A beach that has been turned to pink from the red coral that grows in the ocean just off shore from it.

One of the top rated places to snorkel and scuba in the world Komodo Islands pink beach is not one to be missed. While at Pink Beach we had a BBQ lunch prepared for us ahead of time while some snorkeled and others explored the area and cliffs over looking the beach for a better view. It was definitely a relaxing way to end my two days being fearful of Komodo dragons.

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