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Posted On:
10 October 2013

Posted By
Jum'atil Fajar

Categories :
Travelings - Culture and Heritage


Visiting Kuala Kapuas

Posted on : 10 October 2013
Categories : Travelings - Culture and Heritage


Kuala Kapuas is a capital city of Kapuas district, in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. It lies between Kapuas River and Kapuas Murung River.

What To Do

From this place, we can visit several attractions such as:

  • Rumah Betang (Long House) at Sei Pasah village, Kapuas Hilir subdistrict

  • Imanuel Church at Saka Mangkahai village, Kapuas Barat subdistrict

  • Huma Hai (Big House) at Mandomai village, Kapuas Barat subdistrict

  • Triangle House at Saka Mangkahai village, Kapuas Barat subdistrict

At special time we can attend events such as:

  • Ogoh-ogoh parade during Nyepi Day

  • Regional Cultural Festival Tingang Menteng Panunjung Tarung that showing coastal dance, dance inland and karungut (traditional Dajak song). This festival usually done during the anniversary of Kapuas district (on March every year).

Kuala Kapuas also have several gardens that worth to visit such as:

  • KP3 Port Garden, near the Guest House

  • Big Circle Garden

  • Kartini Garden

  • City’s Garden

  • Stadion’s Garden

Where To Stay

There are several hotels that available in Kuala Kapuas, but it has not stars hotel.

What To Eat

Traditional food from Dajak people is kelakai and umbut rattan. Kelakai can be made as vegetable or chips.

Since the influence of Banjar people quite strong in Kuala Kapuas, there are a lot of Banjar food here such as Soto Banjar, yellow rice, Ketupat Kandangan, and grilled Patin. Soto Banjar almost available everywhere around Kuala Kapuas, so that yellow rice.

We have Tapai Ansterdam (Not Amsterdam) that mean fermented cassava that created by people from Anjir Serapat Dalam village, Kapuas Timur subdistrict.

If you want to eat light meal with river view, you can try Floating Cafe.

What To Buy

There are at least three shops that provide souvenir special Kapuas such as Getah Nyatu, souvenir that created from Nyatu sap. Two shops are in Barimba village, Kapuas Hilir subdistrict and one shop in Kuala Kapuas.

How to Get around

There are several way to get around in Kuala Kapuas. If you prefer use a car, you can rent it at travel agent.

If you prefer to use bicycle, you can rent Mobil Gowes (can accommodate four people).

If you want to sightseeing Kuala Kapuas through the river, you can use klotok, small boat with engine.

How to Get there

You can read How to Travel to Kuala Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia from WikiHow.


  • Telecommunication providers that available in Kuala Kapuas are Telkomsel, XL, 3, Indosat, and Smartfren

  • If you want to get around with klotok, we suggest you to bring life jacket.

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