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Posted On:
12 December 2012

Posted By
Cailin O'Neil

Categories :
Sightseeing - Culture and Heritage


Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

Posted on : 12 December 2012
Categories : Sightseeing - Culture and Heritage

Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

Before going to Indonesia I’ll admit I was “one of those tourists” who might of previously thought Bali was its own country because you hear/assume so many people reference it that way, but of course I quickly learned that Bali was simply just one of the most popular of the 17,000 islands which can be found in Indonesia. What I knew of Bali was that A LOT of Australians visit there and I also knew that it was a place that I had on my bucket list to visit because of the wonderful beaches and sunny weather that I had heard of and looked forward to enjoying.

Our visit to Bali was scheduled for the end of our trip which was a great way for it to be scheduled as the rest of our trip had us in big cities like Yogyakarta and in rural areas like when we visited Mt Bromo and we were constantly on the go knowing that we would be rewarded in the end with a relaxing experience in Bali. Upon landing in Bali we received leis made of fresh flowers and received a big welcome at our hotel with delicious young coconut drinks.

Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

If you are planning on visiting Bali make sure it is for rest and relaxation and if at all possible try to avoid driving in Bali as the traffic is sure to stress you out and that is the opposite of how you should be feeling there. Our time in Bali was spent relaxing by the pool, having fabulous meals at places like the popular Potato Head Beach Club, and watching breathtaking sunrises. I also enjoyed a day lounging on Bali’s famous Kuta beach while others surfed and played water sports.

Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

One of my favorite parts of Bali was when we took a day trip to Ubud. Yes the same Ubud made famous by the book and movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. In Ubud we visited the Sacred Monkey forest where we got to feed the monkeys, right out of the palm of our hands. We also had an interesting meal of Babi Guling, aka Suckling Pig. The restaurant we ate at for lunch was over looking a calming rice paddy blowing in the wind and we also had the chance to do some shopping for souvenirs.

While in Indonesia we also had the opportunity to see some great performance pieces telling Indonesian history and folklore including the Kecak fire Dance which takes place at sunset at Pura Uluwatu, which is said to also be one of the best places in Bali to catch a great sunset.

Our final day in Bali was also sadly our final day in Indonesia and there was no better way to say goodbye to this amazing country after a long, busy two weeks then by having a massage of course! The home of relaxation we were treated to a massage at one of the nicest spas I have ever been to. Forget the cheap massages on the beach when in Bali and go to a real Spa, trust me you will not regret it and you will still get a great deal.

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation as well check out the online quiz to win your own trip to Indonesia.

Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

Bali - A fantastic place for relaxation

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