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The Best of Indonesia

Posted on : 11 January 2013
Categories : Diving and Snorkeling - Culture and Heritage - Surfing - Cuisine - Water Sport

Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo)

What to say first? Meeting the orangutans and the people who are dedicated their life to save these great apes, sleeping on the klotok, watching the fireflies at night, eating the most amazing meals that made on the boats, planting my own tree to help getting the forest back, and the list goes on and on. The one day overnight trip to Kalimantan was the highlight of the Indonesia trip.

Working on the boat in Borneo

Frederick, the son of Dr. Birute who is dedicated herself to rescue the orangutans in Borneo.

Orangutan at the camp Leakey

Doyok was watching us for a long time Borneo


Tree planting in Borneo

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You can spend a week in Java and still won't see the most of it. Java Island has so many things to offer. We visited a few of the attractions: the culinary central of Indonesia - Yogyakarta, the world's largest Buddhist temple - Borobudur temple and an active volcano - Mount Bromo. Our time in Java required a lot of travel times, but it was totally worth it I should say.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Mt Batok

Lei on the rock


Kraton tiles

Herb tea

Borobudur temple

Borobudur temple bloggers


The Komodo dragons were surreal! Snorkeling at Rinca Island was a great experience, but I've heard the Pink beach was even better. Sad that I didn't experience the best part of the journey but oh well, I guess I have another reason to be back.

A female Komodo dragon guarding the nest

Rinca Island Snorkeling

Rinca Island Snorkeling



The last few days of two week long trip ended in Bali. It was the perfect retreat - besides the traffic. We had a surfing lesson in Kuta beach, went to see the Kecak dance, and eat the sucking pig. As soon as we landed on the airport, we all had the deep breathe 'Haaaaa.....' Wish I could spend more time in Bali. A rain check?

Surfing in Bali

Secret Forest Bali

Rice paddies Bali

Kecak Dance Bali

Sunset Bali

Sucking pig Bali

Team #Travel2Indonesia


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