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Hi, Hello there! My name is Firsta. I would like to share my experiences, pictures and thoughts which mostly will be about Indonesia, but I also want to explore the world so there will be more here as well. Discover Your Indonesia is a project I started to fulfill my passion for tourism (and I hope at the same time this can contribute something to Indonesia tourism world) and also document my love of writing and photography. Why is it Discover Your Indonesia and not Discover my Indonesia? Because it is not mine only, it is also yours :-) it is ours. I am saying this not only for all Indonesians’, but also for the lovely foreigners out there that might have a plan to travel to Indonesia or have already travelled to Indonesia (hopefully not only Bali); thank you for putting Indonesia on your travel list. This is your Indonesia too, so enjoy this blog as your travel reference from a local perspective. Let’s explore and discover Indonesia.

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How to get to Wakatobi

30 July 2013

Hi, hello there! I am going to talk about how to get to Wakatobi. These exotic islands offer some of the best diving in Indonesia (Raja Ampat and Manado are also great!). Yet not a lot of people know about these pretty islands and most of those that do, do not know how to get there. So lets start with where they are. Wakatobi is a part of Sulawesi and the islands are located just off the Southern coast of the mainland. Wakatobi is composed of four main islands; Wanci, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. To get to Wakatobi you can either fly to M