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Wira Nurmansyah

Just a tourist who loves photography, traveling, and everything in between. Loves to take amazing photo.

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Articles posted by Wira Nurmansyah


The Rewarding Descent of Rinjani : Segara Anak

5 September 2013

The final hike to the summit was desperately hard. The trail became loose gravel, rising at a steep angle, and the effects of the high altitude soon became apparent as I gasped for breath. Dawn was already starting to touch the sand and rocks while i was struggling climbing the almost vertical sand hill. With giving all my strength, i finally manage to stand on top of the ground of Anjani goddess. It has the most beautiful views of Rinjani. On the west side, you can see Mount Agung which is located in Bali, while on the east side you can ca

The Sea Gypsy's haven of Wakatobi

10 September 2013

They named themselves the Sea people. Born and lives all depend on the sea. They have no territorial like other tribe. The entire wakatobi shore - even the entire nation, is their home. They really are the 'Sea tribe'   We get on to a small boat to get across to one of the Bajo village in Kaledupa Island. The sea is so calm, the sky is blue, and in the distance we can see the stage house with their wooden pillars pierce to the bottom of the ocean. This is one of place where the Bajo community settles. They are no longer a sea nomadi