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Eunice Khong

travel blog dedicated to share useful travel tips and information of holiday destinations and attractions.

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Komodo National Park: World's Best Diving & Snorkeling Sites

14 December 2012

By far, this is the best snorkeling experience in my life! Komodo National Park is not only notable as the natural habitat for the endangered Komodo dragons, it has an amazing underwater scenery so awe-inspiring that, in my opinion, no world-class oceanarium can rival. It's a bliss that we are living in the tropics of pristine coral reefs and beautiful islands of crystal clear waters. Komodo island isn't all about the mean, ferocious dragons that spurt no fire, on the other side of the island where we followed the Loh Liang Walking Trails to s

Bali: The World Famous Island Destination

14 December 2012

Bali is world famous. The top island destination in Indonesia is synonymous with exotic travel, luxury spa resorts, idyllic beaches, picturesque mountain scenery, great food, shopping, party and all fun-related activities. The tourist haven is known as the 'island of a thousand temples', with over 90% of Balinese are Hindus. Probably one of the most photographed temples in Bali, the 11th century Uluwatu Templeis perched on top of the cliff overlooking the sea. Here is where you can catch the magical sunset at Uluwatu at the southern end of Bal

Bali: Sunset & Goodbye Indonesia

14 December 2012

Time flies and it was the last night of our 14-day Int'l Travel Blogger Trip. I was surprised that the farewell dinner was held at such a lovely spot that we could watch the beautiful sunset in Bali. Potato Head Beach Club it is. Often, I go on trips that I know no one. The 14-day #Travel2Indonesia project brought together 8 international travel bloggers from all over the world - U.S, Australia, S.Korea, Canada, Philippines, Europe and Singapore. Together with the Indonesian bloggers and organisers, we had such a memorable time together. My

Vid Compilations of Indonesia!

26 December 2012

Check out my two short video compilations of Indonesia: Nature & Wonders of Indonesia ( Of Indonesian Beauties & Dance ( Read: Discover Indonesia | Activities & Things to Do in Indonesia | Diving & Snorkeling   Read all posts on Travel2Indonesia Keep in touch! Add me on Facebook Twitter