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Topic: The 5 rivers in Indonesia, which became a haven for rafting tourism ...  (Read 1752 times)
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Exercise torrent or better known as rafting become one of the popular tourism activities. In Indonesia there are 5 river has rapids and river flows are very powerful. For travelers who like a challenge, rafting is an exciting activity. In the raft, you will work closely with the team to maintain a balance to keep from falling. Rapids and rushing river flows into the challenges that must be passed. Being soaking wet, that's for sure! If you have the guts, try to go the rivers in Indonesia following!

Rafting on the Alas River, Aceh
1. Alas River, Aceh

Begin to test your guts of western Indonesia. Leuser National Park, Aceh, there are the Alas River which is known to have strong currents. River which empties into the Indonesia Ocean is suitable for beginners or who have professional rafting activities. Grade river is 3-4. Alas River is located at 165 km southeast of the City of Takengon, Central Aceh. Prepare stamina, because usually the River Alas journey can take up to 6 hours. Swift currents and rapids would mostly found along the way. Fun, you will cross the river flowing in the middle of a jungle. Do not be surprised, if you will often see wildlife such as deer, monkeys and various species of birds. For starters, the Alas River rafting starts from Muarasitulan Kutacane City to the City of Gelombang. As for the professional already, you can take the longer route, starting from Angusan, near Blangkejeran. Very exciting!

Rafting on the Citarik River, Sukabumi, West Java
2. Citarik River, Sukabumi, West Java

Not far from Jakarta, you can feel the rafting sensation that challenging on the Citarik River. The river is in the Halimun Mountain National Park, Cikadang, Sukabumi, West Java. Citarik River who had grade 3 was never empty of tourists, especially on weekends. Some routes could be an option for you to test the courage and skill in rafting activities. There rafting route that took over 1 hour with the distance of 5 km, or 4 hours with a mileage of 17 km. Your stamina will be drained while balancing on a rubber boat. Large boulders are scattered along the river is a challenge. You must be compact with a team to get through these obstacles. Fresh air is common here. Smell the air as much as you rest. Not only that, several waterfalls on the River Citarik also the other attraction.

Rafting on Elo River, Magelang, Central Java
3. Elo River, Magelang, Central Java

In Blondo, Magelang regency, Central Java, your adrenaline will be driven while doing rafting in Elo river. Not hard to come here, its proximity to Borobudur or about 40 minutes from Yogyakarta. Elo river wading trip takes 2 to 3 hours. Varying depths and river rafting are quite heavy, making you have to be extra careful. This river that famous has profusely flows. Elo River has a grade 2-3. The river can also be tested for those who are just starting rafting activities. Although the challenge is to make the heart beat fast, natural feel of the surrounding pristine and cool will make you feel comfortable while resting. Beauty, coolness and shade trees around the Elo River always to hypnotic for the rafting participants.

Rafting on Ayung River, Bali
4. Ayung River, Bali

Bali is not only for relaxing or sunbathing on the shore. In this island, you can also prove adrenaline and guts. Try playing rafting on the Ayung River which is located in the village of Payangan, Ubud. Activities rafting on the Ayung River, starting in the area of Payangan and ending in Kedewatan village. You will travel for 2 hours with a distance of 12 kilometers. Strong current and large river rocks will challenge you along the river. Be prepared to break the silence of Ubud with your cries! Grade Ayung River is 2-3. The river is also suitable for beginners. There are other unique, in Ayung River you can see the carvings are beautiful with their large size on some cliff Ayung River. The carvings on the river bank is the work of artists in Ubud. Not only domestic tourists, foreign tourists also love to play rafting here.

Rafting on Nimanga River, North Sulawesi
5. Nimanga River, North Sulawesi

Nimanga River in North Sulawesi can also be included in the list to do the rafting activities. The river is located in the village of Timbukar, Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi. Nimanga River will provide a different experience adrenaline test. Imagine, you will see the rapids that have 4 meters high! Yes, the Nimanga river is known has challenging rapids. This is where balance, cooperation, and courage will be tested. Grade level in the river is 3-5. So, you have to be careful. Wading on River Nimanga can take up to 5 hours. If you are tired, you can relax by the river and enjoy its natural beauty. If lucky, you can meet with Yaki, the typical monkeys in Sulawesi (Macaca nigra) and tarsiers.

That's the 5 rivers that challenge for the rafting activities in Indonesia. You can contact some tour operators that would facilitate traveling to do rafting. Remember, you should always be vigilant and follow the direction of the guides.
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Re: The 5 rivers in Indonesia, which became a haven for rafting tourism ...
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2014, 09:19:23 PM »
nice post

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Re: The 5 rivers in Indonesia, which became a haven for rafting tourism ...
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2015, 10:56:18 PM »
amazing to raft in the wild river, i really love that

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I love rafting, but sometimes feel scared too.
I would prefer mild river than the hard one  :)
Gue suka baca artikel tentang kesehatan biar tetap bugar dan traveling tanpa sakit-sakitan :D

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i guess more than 5 rivers spot for rafting in indonesia. the posting 5 rivers on article that's the most people do for rafting :) interesting article :)
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