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Topic: heard rumours that either Utah or Phoenix down  (Read 431 times)
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heard rumours that either Utah or Phoenix down
« on: March 02, 2015, 03:30:42 PM »
Which would be the most likely trading partner for Columbus in a Rick Nash deal? Bob McKenzie: I will take the Los Angeles Kings, simply for two reasons. David Ospina Colombia Jersey . Number one, they are the most motivated buyer. Of all the teams that are looking for a big piece to add, they need a scoring winger, theyve got to make a move, they cant go into the playoffs, or even make the playoffs with what theyve got. The second reason: theyve got the chips to play with. Theyve got netminder Jonathon Bernier, theyve got defenceman Jack Johnson, plus, plus, whatever it takes to get it done. Aaron Ward: Im going with Boston. As the deep thinker on this panel, Im going beyond the fact that Nashs style would fit well with the Boston Bruins, Im looking at it from the perspective surrounding Nathan Horton – there are a lot of questions surrounding his situation right now. His durability may come into question, and also, according to, it says that they can afford him. Marc Crawford: Id say the New York Rangers. I think Los Angeles is going to get Jeff Carter, and why I think Nash compliments the Rangers is because hes a big power forward and he will complement those skilled scorers like Gaborik and Callahan. I dont think youre messing with the chemistry because what comes out of the Rangers lineup will probably be prospects and maybe one player out of their lineup, perhaps a guy like Dubinsky. And players dont mind when you get a great player in. And Rick Nash qualifies as a great player. Rick Nash, he excites that team and he lets them know theyre going for it. Who is more likely to make the playoffs, Montreal or Winnipeg? Crawford: I say the Winnipeg Jets. And the reason I say it is theyve got 14 more home games. Theyve been dynamite at home, if they can win 10 of those at home that means theyll only have to win five or six on the road. Ward: Montreal. I went through both schedules: games against top-four teams in each conference, games remaining against non-playoff teams in both conferences – these are virtually identical. They both have the great advantage of home ice, so it came down to the coin flip. Heads, Montreal won. McKenzie: I said Montreal, and it was only because I wasnt given the option of the New York Islanders, who I think probably have a better chance than the other two. First Dion Phaneuf was named most overrated in a Sports Illustrated player poll, now Phil Kessel is named the star most easily intimidated, what does this speak to: perceived individual shortcomings or a pronounced anti-Leaf bias? Ward: Perceived individual shortcomings. You battle against these guys. You get a feel for them and it comes down to personal experience also. It comes down to reputation where, sometimes its hard to shake those things in the National Hockey League. Its almost like high school when you get in these locker rooms. You share your stories, your experiences, what you feel about people and sometimes they carry on a life of their own.  Crawford: I believe its perceived Leaf bias. If these guys were playing on the team I coached last year in Dallas, theyd be Louie Erickson and Sheldon Souray. And people wouldnt be talking about them like that.  McKenzie: Ill say perceived individual shortcomings. Not actual real shortcomings. Its almost like a personality thing. When Dion Phaneuf was in Calgary, other players didnt like him. They dont like Dion as a guy on the ice and maybe off the ice as well, a little bit. And the same thing, when Kessel was in Boston, he was not a well-liked guy, and comes down to being more personality driven than performance even, I think. Diego Maradona Argentina Jersey . Louis Cardinals have agreed on a four-year contract, giving the All-Star a fresh start after his Biogenesis drug suspension last summer. Fredy Guarin Colombia Jersey . The 22-year-old from Notre Dame started 29 games and had five goals and six assists this season. The league announced Monday that Powers received 93 per cent of team, media and player votes.Not only was Bruno Caboclo a relative unknown to many NBA insiders, but according to Dwane Casey, the 18-year-old Brazilian was a player only a handful of teams knew anything about. The Raptors head coach joined TSN 1050 to shed some light on the teams surprise selection and defend the criticism of the pick by ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla who described Caboclo as being a player that was “two years away from being two years away.” “Which is totally untrue.” Casey said of the criticism. “He is a basketball player. He has NBA skills, but hes just raw. “This is a young man thats going to go through our program, develop and if this young man hits, weve got something special.” Admitting Masai Ujiri was initially set on taking Toronto-native Tyler Ennis, before Phoenix nabbed him two picks prior, Casey commented that the GM felt like his team couldnt wait on taking the teenager with their second round pick because they felt like the Jazz and Suns, who had the 23rd and 27th selections respectively, would hhave scooped him up. Jermaine Jones USA Jersey. “Originally we wanted to take Tyler Ennis and that was going to be our first pick at 20,” Casey said. “We had heard rumours that either Utah or Phoenix down behind us was going to take Bruno, so thats just when we moved him up and took him at 20.” To scout the Brazilian, Casey headed down to Houston for a pre-draft workout with Ujiri, who went out of his way to keep the visit under the radar, not revealing to his coach which player he was set to scout until he got off the plane. Casey, along with Ujiri came away impressed with what they saw, with the head coach saying Caboclo reminded him of another teenager who came to the league straight out of high school and who would later develop into an all-star forward: Rashard Lewis. “Hes got the athletic talent, the wingspan – hes got the same wingspan as Javhale McGee – hes athletic, has defensive ability, defensive instincts, he can shoot the three ball.” Casey: Caboclo raw, but could be special   cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys ' ' '